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Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal

Michael asks… If i use Electrolysis or Laser hair removal to get rid of hair, will it take longer if i have fast hair..

Your Questions About Cure Cellulite

Daniel asks… What is the best method to cure cellulite? jennmill answers: Don’t know but you can take those creams off the list. Sandy..

Your Questions About Hair Removal Alternatives To Waxing

Mark asks… Best way to remove hair? Facial hair – i do NOT want to pluck it, and it is too short to shave...

Your Questions About Soft Skin Arguments

Donald asks… is this short story good or naa? Peeling the Pedals off of the Flower Per.:1 English 11 Short story 3/6/09 Due: 3/9/09..

Your Questions About Hair Removal Solution Home

Steven asks… arm pit hair removal at home? I used to shave every day but you can still see the little black dots and..

Your Questions About Remove Hair On Face Being A Woman

Robert asks… Are Muslim women forbidden to remove hair on their face? According to Islam, It is part of Fitrah to remove the hair..

Your Questions About Acne On Body Not Face

Ken asks… How do I get rid of acne scars on face and body, and stretch marks? Preferably a cream or some sort that..

Your Questions About Extreme Cellulite Problem

William asks… why have i got cellulite at the age of 19!? i am 19 years old and have small patches of cellulite on..

Your Questions About Teenage Skin Care Spots

Thomas asks… Pimples on a teenager ?!? What is the best skin care product for a teenage girl to get rid of multiple acne..

Your Questions About Revitol Scar Cream

Thomas asks… Personal accounts please, does revitol scar cream work on acne scars? Hey i would like to know whether revitol scar cream has..

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