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Your Questions About Acne On Body Chest

George asks… How do you get rid of body acne (chest, back)? I have acne on my chest and back and I dont know..

Your Questions About Remove Hair On Face At Home

Mary asks… how to remove hairs on the face at home .give me solution plz. then after how many days hair will growth .?..

Your Questions About Avoid Skin Problems Work

Linda asks… skin problems? So my boyfriend is having this problem from him walking too much. On the insides of his legs (calves) is..

Your Questions About Cure Cellulite Exercise

Lizzie asks… Exercises to get rid of cellulite? I’ve heard that exercise is the best cure for cellulite, so which exercises are best to..

Your Questions About How To Avoid Aging Skin

Daniel asks… What will my skin look like in 20 years if I avoid the sun? I’m 21. Female. Fair-skinned, dark-haired-brunette. I live in..

Your Questions About Teenage Skin Care

Robert asks… How to care for teenage skin? Hi, I’m a teenager with mild acne and rosacea. How can I properly care for my..

Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal Home

Ken asks… Best laser /light hair removal home system? ok well I just turned 16 and I’m having sex with my boyfriend and my..

Your Questions About Acne Solutions

Mandy asks… Acne solutions? Anyone have good acne solutions besides pro-active. Too expensive for me. Just a cheap solution that works. I still get..

Your Questions About Soft Skin

Carol asks… Soft skin? My skin is normal; not oily, not dry. What lotion should I use so my skin will be soft? jennmill..

Your Questions About Cellulite Skin Brushing

Thomas asks… dry skin brushing and cellulite?? has anyone had any experience with dry skin brushing and its help to lessen the appearance of..

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