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Celebrity stylist goes underground to research the truth about the industries largest health scare in the past century and gives you the juicy details no one is prepared to own up to!

Hi my name is Juliette, and some people in this industry are calling me the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Whistle Blower and I’m going to share with you how I’ve put together the most highly controversial, even career damaging expose, on one of the most prolific cover-ups our industry has ever seen. But before I do that, let me tell you a crazy story of what made me want to lift the lid on such a juicy topic.

Over the past 12 months my clients have gone totally crazy for this Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I’ve literally been bombarded with them carrying out up to six in a single day, five days a week, madness right. Then only a few months back, pandemonium broke out and a media frenzy took over the hairdressing industry.

Confusion over the safety of the treatment, including severe rumours, exaggeration and downright lies followed leaving no-one knowing what to believe or if anyone was in fact telling the truth.

For those that know me, I’m no girl to sit around and be bullied, especially outright lied to so I decided to put this book together and exposed the real truth to the world and let the chips fall where ever they fall!

I’ve been providing various different BKT treatments to clients in the salon over the past few years. At first, there were only one or two different treatments on the market, now there are a multitude of different ones. Of course, as the craze grew, so did the choice of options.

But, the chemicals involved in getting this ‘oh so sleek’ hair, came with its own set of problems. And not only were clients being affected, so were the stylists. Once the health regulatory authorities started to sit up and take notice, then the media jumped on the bandwagon and flooded the world with inflammatory headlines. Rumours abounded and the whole myth surrounding BKT began to snowball.

Certain slightly, how can I put it nicely….? Unscrupulous members of the industry decided to ignore any health risks, both to their clients and members of staff, and continue with the treatment with no extra training or safety aspects.

The rumours and exaggerations became worse, and the story became more confused. Headlines shriek out ‘IT’S UNSAFE,’ and then the next minute ‘IT’S SAFE NOW!’ so what on earth are you supposed to believe?

You see, half the stylists who provide Brazilian Blowout and other BKT don’t even understand the risks. But after extensive…

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