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Learn the Secrets of a Home Manicure

Frustrated with not being able to afford a salon manicure more than a few times a year, I hired a professional manicurist to share her step-by-step manicure process in a 27-page book that will allow me to have beautiful nails all year long – without spending a fortune at the salon.

Grubby looking nails can RUIN your appearance – all of the money you’ve spent on clothes, makeup, and jewelry is WASTED if your nails don’t live up to the rest of your fashion – my Home Manicure Guide will ensure your nails accent the rest of your “look” without spending a fortune!

Hi. You know me by now – I’m Talia – the owner of this nail design blog! As a nail fanatic, I constantly post the latest in nail art designs, new products, and techniques to allow you to have great looking nails.

The one thing I’ve been missing personally is a step by step guide, with ALL of the secrets from Salons, on how to do a home manicure. Sure – I’ve tried some of the stuff I’ve seen in YouTube videos, and racked my memory to remember the steps used on my last Salon visit…but they never come out looking the same, and I never seem to follow a consistent process from start to finish. Sound like you?

I finally got fed up with reserving this care for my nails for only special occasions. I researched and found a professional manicurist that was willing to give me her salon process step-by-step, including pictures for each step so I can see exactly how I can duplicate what she charges more than $30 for.

The best part is, I can make my nails awesome on MY time and MY schedule, and not have to worry about dropping a load of money on a salon where I’m likely paying for the candles, face masks they wear, and the wall decor that is supposed to relax me!

I paid quite a bit of money to hire this manicurist to create this guide – but after reviewing it and finding it so useful, I want to share it with you at an extremely reasonable price so you can achieve the same results I have!

Trust me – I searched the Internet for a complete manicure guide I could print out and use over and over – I couldn’t find one that showed every single step with pictures that I was sure came from a real manicurist! I wanted a step by step guide with pictures at each step, and that highlighted the “insider” secret tips used by professionals – that nobody ever talks about doing at home.

I’ve tried…

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