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Your Questions About Acne On Body Chest

George asks…

How do you get rid of body acne (chest, back)?

I have acne on my chest and back and I dont know what to do about it. I hope to get rid of it before swimsuit season. Any suggestions?

jennmill answers:

I used to get spots on the backs of my arms and on my back, exfoliate once every two days, also on your exfoliating day off moisturise, trust me it will work wonders, there are some super exfoliants from Clinique that aren’t too expensive they also do a mens range. I would advise also using a rough loofa that worked well for me as well. You could also try drinking lots of water and eating less sugary or fatty foods and more fruit and vegetables, obvious things really.

Good luck.

Helen asks…

How can a guy with acne scars on body (Chest) Date? 35 year old virgin?

This is very important and that is why i am a 35 year old virgin.

jennmill answers:

Relationship advice from the most interesting man in the world: You’re a 35 year-old virgin because you say you are. Believe in yourself have a few Dos XX and just go for it.

Mandy asks…

How can I get rid of scars left from body acne on chest and back?

i used to have really bad acne on my chest..not so much my back but still a little on my back. Ive been using neutrogena body wash and scrub and it worked wonders! the only problem is that the scars from the year tht i had it are still there. so how can i make it even again?? i dont care how much it costs

jennmill answers:

Try vitamin e oil

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