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Your Questions About Acne On Body Not Face

Ken asks…

How do I get rid of acne scars on face and body, and stretch marks?

Preferably a cream or some sort that I can get over the counter at a pharmacy. Do not have money to go to a dermatologist

jennmill answers:

Laser surgery and Microdermabrasion are effective ones but the thing is it costs much. However, you can try natural home remedies such as:
Cocoa butter, Vitamins C-D-E, Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid (comes from fruit), Shea Butter( for moisture), Retinyl Palmitate (is a type of acid that is said to encourage skin growth).
But in effective creams you can try, Trilastin. This one is effective as it rejuvenates the skin back to its normal elasticity. Trilastin contains: Soy Protein, Collagen, High Potency Elastin; elements which are unique structural protein complex needed for skin to be able to deal with stretch marks.
Trilastin isn’t just for stretch marks, it also helps heal scars making it appear like you haven’t got any anymore.
I do hope this could help out. The fact is this is safe too.
Good Luck,

Helen asks…

Tips and tricks to prevent damage on your face and body?

Okay .. hey everyone, i was wondering if you guys can give advice on how to keep your face acne free (besides the obvious) , prevention from acne scars, holes, black & white heads, wrinkles, aging and all those other things. and for my body. how to prevent dry skin? any good tips or maybe even products to help? its not specific, i was just wondering how i should i protect myself before i get older (; thanks for the help
Umm. kay, well i was just asking for advice. no need for the negativity. thanks again for those who actually gave me an answer.

jennmill answers:

For my face my skin savers are
-clearisil extra strength pads.Any other cleanser makes my skin oily.
-St.Ives apricot scrub is amazing.

Birth control is really good for my skin, my skin used to break out around my time of the month. My skin never breaks out anymore.

I use a heavy night cream, like Arbonnes Re9 line (orange bottle), and serum. To be honest I dont know if it benefits me in the long run.
Moisturize whenever your at home without makeup on, Im a lotion addict since I had surgery and been recovering for two months.
Sunscreen if your somewhere with sun exposure, even if its cold out.

I use cocoa/shea butter lotion morning and before bed (after shower) and my skin is a lot firmer and smooth.

Sandra asks…

Why do we get acne most commonly on our faces and upper body?

Why is the face the most common of area’s of the body to get acne? The face and shoulders/chest area? Why do we not get acne on our legs, hands, lower arms, abdomen etc?

jennmill answers:

Actually, occasionally, you can get acne on the legs or upper arms. But, the answer to your question is that there are more oil glands per square millimeter of skin on the face, chest and upper back, than there are elsewhere, so when the hormonal stimulus occurs for the oil glands to begin hypersecreting at puberty, these are the areas that would be most prone to breaking out.

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