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Your Questions About Acne On Body Parts

Joseph asks…

is there any way to prevent acne on body parts other than the face (i.e. one’s back)?

jennmill answers:

I would advice you to try simple home based remedies for any kind of acne,skin and hair problems.This information on this website sure did help me so here goes

Good luck

Mandy asks…

can acne be spread in different parts of body and how to treat it at home?

im 22 and had no problem with my skin before, but now it found out i have acne. is there any way to treat it? i put iodine on face, but i have the same look rush on my hand and back and is that possible to be spread acne from face to hands and back? please advise me if there is any way to treat it without medicine, just with home made staff. thanks in advance.

jennmill answers:

Acne is a broad term covering blemishes, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Even though acne is more known to be a problem amongst teenagers, this condition can strike at any age. Don’t pinch, prod, or poke your blemishes to get rid of acne. Many people choose to pinch out their whiteheads, pimples, and zits with their fingers. There are a few problems with this method. First, your fingers are covered with unnatural oils. Second, your fingers are covered with plenty of bacteria. Thirdly, you will probably damage your subaceous glands or create an impacted pimple which will cause more fluid build up and eventually an infected zit. While there are many preventative measures you can take to avoid acne, here’s some websites for treating existing acne. I sure you will receive some help. Good luck………………

Paul asks…

Acne on various parts of the body?

I’m not covered in acne or anything. But sometimes I will get a pimple or two on my chest, or my legs. Is this normal? How can I stop this?

jennmill answers:

Practice daily hygiene if you aren’t already.
But don’t worry. I do and sometimes I will get a pimple on my back or chest. It’s totally normal.

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