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Your Questions About Alternative Hair Removal Methods

Susan asks…

What hair removal methods are permanent?

I’ve tried waxing, ipl/laser , plucking, shaving etc.
waxing only lasts around 1 week , ipl 2 weeks 🙁 plucking around 2 to 3 days, shaving 1 day.
i can’t wax anymore too, i have no idea why my skin is sensitive to wax now, and it’ll break out in rashes after i wax, even if i put tons of moisturizer sigh, and rashes only subside in around 3 days…

any alternative methods?
medicine? creams? special diet intake? ANYTHING AT ALL?
i’m desperate 🙁
and do i have some weird disease or what?
my mum is hairless / only a few strands of body hair. my dad is hairless.
everyone is hairless EXCEPT me urgh!!! WTH THIS SUCKS >:(
no im pretty sure its the wax :c
i’ve tried waxing WITH and without application of moisturizer immediately and both resulted in a bad rash that subsided when i applied some medicinal cream on it.

so far i’ve tried around 5 ipl sessions on my underarm. the first time, it was quite effective ,lasted around a month. it’s getting less and less effective after each session sigh 🙁 i go every month btw.

is it possible to do electrolysis on my whole body? :O
oh forgot to add! i used cold wax.
and it (the rashes) never occured before until the last two times i waxed.
i’ve waxed for at least two years and everything was fine until recently.

jennmill answers:

Electrolysis…thats what I heard

Edit: Can’t you do some searching on the internet? And also find out where electrolysis can be done in your area and talk to those people. I think its a long process…maybe

Steven asks…

Inverted Hair Growth Problem?

When I pluck my eyebrows, I get realy bad inverted hair growth. It makes my skin looks disgusting, like I have really bad belmish problems, but I don’t. I cleanse my face ever morning and am hygienic, yet ntohing I do makes them go away. I can’t hide them with makeup, and sometimes they hurt to the touch.

Its really embarassing and annoying, because the rest of my face is clear yet I have this ugly clump between my eyes.
Occasionally, I get t a touch of acne around my nose, but its very rarely noticeable.

What can I do to make it go away? Is there an alternative method of hair removal that won’t cause this to happen?

jennmill answers:

Use a gentle scrub or salicylic acid, it will exfoliate skin and make it go away.

To prevent: Before you pluck, exfoliate with a loofah to keep rid of dead skin that traps the hair. Use warm water so the pores are open and it is easier to pluck, so you damage the skin less. Then when you are done use cold water or ice to close pores.

Sugaring and waxing are alternatives, but they can also cause this. I prefer plucking. You can also try using a brow shaper. It is like a blade you scrape over your brows. Don’t worry, it’s not like shaving, but you will have to maintain daily. It’s really easy though.

Donna asks…

Hair removal cream down below?

Who would suggest using hair removal cream down below? If so what products would you reccomend? Shaving leaves me stubbly and rashy so I’m thinking of alternative methods, however, I’m scared at the thought of waxing!

Thanks 🙂

jennmill answers:

The veet products are really good. That’s what i use when i can’t get to the beauticians x x x

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