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Your Questions About Avoid Aging Skin Home

Ken asks…

is there any home made tips or packs to avoid oily skin for a child aged 13.?

jennmill answers:

U can use cucumber juice and try dried orange peels. They really help….u can by some products too. Always wash ur dace with cold water and u can also use a mixture of lemon juice and rose water.

Betty asks…

please any skin consultant please help me…having so many acne and acne nodules on face..?

hi sir/mam
my skin is full of acne and acne nodules . i am having this problem from last 4 years. my age is 22 . having lots of doctor treatment with lots of medicine but all were of no use. please help me. the funn of my life is over only because my face is full of acne alwayz avoid to go outside home and party. please help me ..god will bless you with lots of happiness…

jennmill answers:

I used to suffer terrible acne as a teenager and like you I tried dozens of different medicines and creams but what cleared mine completely after about 6 or 8 weeks was………1: NEVER using soap or anything that comes into contact with soap on my face.
2: using a face cloth boiling hot water as hot as you can possibly bear and place cloth over your face until heat has gone. (do this morning & night)
3: Never be tempted to squeeze, scratch or pick any spots
4: do not use moisturiser or makeup on your face.
I am certain that if like mine you will see results after about 7 to 10 days, your skin will dry up and can feel a bit uncomfortable but you will also notice the spots drying out and just falling off.
One last thing remember to change your face cloth and towel frequently every 2 or 3 days.
I really hope this works for you as it did for me (I am allergic to soap and use diprobase cream to wash with)

Chris asks…

What is your daily skin/beauty routine?

Do you wash your face before bed? Apply moisturizer? suntan lotion? anti-aging serum? Do you use an apricot almond mask? WHAT IS YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE?

My Routine:
7:00am–wake up
7:10 after doing a few light exercises to wake me up I go and rinse my face with ICE COLD water. It tightens your pores and really wakes you up.
7:20: after getting dressed I put on my make-up consisting of:
1st I apply a day moisturizer with SPF 15, then I use a light creme foundation, and a semi-translucent powder. then I add a little blush, lip gloss, and mascara. I also sometimes use a little brown eyeliner.
3:30-6:00pm I get home from school depending on after school activities. I use make-up remover wipes to clean up any mascara or eyeliner that might have smudged a little, and I touch up my foundation and mascara.
10:00pm- GETING READY TO SLEEP. I take off all my eye makeup with makeup removing wipes (you can really get in all the nooks and crannies, unlike soap and water). then I wash the rest of my face with soap and water. I use a moisturizing night creme and a Super-strength moisturizer under my eyes to avoid discoloration.

What do you do to stay looking your best?

jennmill answers:

Ok well my face routine is this

.I wash my face twice a day!!!!!! First blackhead clearing scrub from clean and clear.then neutrogena oil free acne wash(even thouhgh i don’t have acne). Then clean and clear DAY mousiterizer!!!!!!!!!!

My beauty routine in the morning is this

7:00am- Wake up
Then i do some things like getting dressed non buety realtted things
7:20 wash face with face routnine above
7:30- Do make up consisting of fresh complexion concealer.almay intense eye color shadow and mascara, lip gloss, blush,and covergirl brown eyeliner just on the waterlineand a little right onthe lash line !!!!!!!
7:40 Hair
Then some more non beuty realted things

In the night i take do my regular face wah routine and that washes my face AND takes off ALL of mymake up!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.Fred is on icarly tonight!!!!!!!!

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