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Your Questions About Avoid Skin Problems Work

Linda asks…

skin problems?

So my boyfriend is having this problem from him walking too much. On the insides of his legs (calves) is red, like the skin is getting raw from it rubbing when he walks. This happened a little more than 6 months ago and it took forever to get rid of, or at least to lighten up, but then it started itching. It was like dry skin. So now he’s getting it again. Is there anything I can do to help him? I’ve suggested wearing longer boxers or even some kind of shorts under his work pants so that his legs weren’t rubbing together. I’m not really sure what he can put on it, but I told him he needs to before it gets worse again. Does anyone know what he can do to help avoid and/or get rid of it? Is the shorts idea a good one or not? Thanks
He is a little overweight, but he’s not THAT big.

jennmill answers:

Do you mean his thighs instead of his calves? He can use hydrocortisone to clear up any irritation. He could try wearing the tight spandex bike shorts under his pants, that way the skin can’t rub together.

Sharon asks…

Skin in arms with dark spots/pimples from keratosis pilaris, please help?

I have several areas in the back of my arms that have dark acne like pimples from me picking the area due to keratosis pilaris.
The same problem is in other parts of my body and is getting annoying and embarashing. I avoid to wear a bathing suit and I dont wear sleeveless shirts anymore. I tried several creams and lotions with no results. I even went to a skin center that advertised phototherapy and after about 12 treatments I stopped since I didn’t see any progress.
I am not sure if there is anything else out there for me to try.Any lotions/creams/treatments anything that you tried for your skin problems and worked. Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you in advance

jennmill answers:

I have had some good success with Murad’s Acne Spot and Pigment lightening gel. Here’s the link to it (it’s a really long link):

Something else you might try are some of the creams targeted toward pregnant women or women who have just had children–they help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars and they may work for you as well. One product line is named Mustela. ( If these work on stretch marks and other forms of scarring, I think they might work for you as well.

I think the most important thing is that you stop picking at the area–I know it’s really hard not to, but if you haven’t already stopped, no treatment will have very good success. :(.

The Murad gel worked on some surgical scars I had as well as some old acne spots on my shoulders. I hope this might help with your problem as well.

I don’t want to see you feeling like you can’t go out and do things because of your scars, though–just remember that the only important opinions are yours and those of people who love you. 🙂 The people who love you will also not care about your scars, so please don’t quit going to the pool and having a good time during warm weather because of this. We all have things we are embarrassed about, but don’t let them rule your life! 🙂 People just tend to stare at what they don’t understand, but they don’t mean to hurt your feelings–they’re just curious.

I hope these treatments work for you, or that you find another one that will–but the most important thing is to live your life to the fullest. I say just walk in smiling like you own the place, and then people will notice your confidence–not your skin. 🙂

I hope this helps–best of luck to you!

Steven asks…

Will taking caffeine help me lose weight? how much? avoid loose skin?

I started smoking about a week and a half ago just to lose weight, and it worked I lost my cravings for food, and i lost 7lbs, and food does not have the same taste. I wish i started smoking sooner.

Now i heard if you take some caffeine, it will also help you lose weight. I do have problems with caffeine and anxiety. So I heard 200mg+ will cause anxiety? true? So I assume if i just have like 50mg-100mg it would help? How much caffeine is coca cola? What dose of Caffeine should i take?

Also i gained 10lbs in like 1 week, and i had rapid weight gain, i heard if i loose it right away, i wont have to worry about loose skin if i lose the 10lbs right away?

I weighed 205 in July and went from 235 from october to janurary and then shot up to 249 on feb 7th. Feb 7 i got scared and started smoking and now down to 242.

At what weight should i stop my rapid weight loss to avoid loose skin?
I will be aiming for a 25lb weight loss in 1 month starting in march, I plan on eating tuna fish, banana, hard eggs, and strawberries, 5 of these small meals a day and expect to drop 25lbs in 1 month.

I want to avoid loose skin and anything on the way down, but i have not been heavy for years just a few months, so i dont know how the body works.

I am 26/m meduim build and 5’9″

Please some advice,.

jennmill answers:

I hope you’re joking.

Smoking = terrible habit!! Just to lose weight? Mayb it helps but it also helps to lose a lung!

Caffeine = heart attack! To much caffeine is terrible and can give you heart conditions or heart attacks.

Want to b smart?

Workout! Join a gym for 6 months and workout 60 mins. Every night, quit smoking, no caffeine, eat fruits and veggies and stay away from snack foods.

Otherwise work out at home, do v-sit stretches:
lay you you back on the ground. Now hold a pillow or a stuffed animal in your hand. Keep you arms straight above your head. Now lift you feet and hands in to V possition. Ok so you should look kinda like this = V then you pass the pillow/stuffed animal, to your feet and go down. Then repeat passing t back and forth do that 10 times, do 15 sit ups, then do it 10 more times.
When it hurts thats good, its a sign your losing weight and gaining muscle.

Try running.
If you dont live in a safe area, play some fast music and run in place to it at your house.

Jump rope
for 5 minutes straight its best to play music when doing this to keep you going.

Buy gym equipment.

here is a site that will tell you how to lose weight, how to exercise, and a ton of other things:


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