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Your Questions About Avoid Skin Problems Work

Thomas asks…

Is there a way to avoid the excess skin when dieting?

I have started healthier eating habits and starting with some mild exercise to increase gradually. I need and want to lose about 100 lbs. The problem is…I don’t want alot of the excess skin. It wouldn’t be a problem if I was working and had insurance, but I don’t. I simply CAN’T afford to have surgery if I needed to remove excess. If I’m going to have all this excess skin, I might as well stay where I am.

Any tips out there to help me avoid it. What is it that supports the elasticity in the body and makes it more supple?!?!
herbs? special or specific exercises? water or any special drinks?

One thing to note…I am single and I am sure it would be easier to date while I am heavy and a higher self esteem than to try and date while I have a low self esteem and lots of flappy skin. Actually, I think I would be so embarrassed that I might not seek out men knowing they are going to be seeing some hidden loose skin. At least while I am big, they know what they are in for…lol

jennmill answers:

My mom lost close to 100 lbs..
And she spent two months in weight training, AFTER she lost all the wieght, and she had one heck of a workout to target specific area to ‘fix’ the skin that hung from her arms, legs, and the like..
Needless to say, the time spent on shedding 100lbs, will be alot less demanding than the time needed to repair the stretched and tramatized skin.

Plain and simple, with out the knife you have a long, and hard road ahead of you.

Exercise is your weapon, use it steadily!

Linda asks…

I have oily skin AND dry skin at the same time? Why? And what should I do?

I’v always had pimples. My face has always been oily. But now, around my forehead and nose area, when i brush my skin, little bits dry dead skin fall off, an indication of dry skin. I was using a product to take away pimples, and it worked, but now my skin is sooo dry. I stopped using the product for about 2 weeks now, but my skin is still dry. I use daily creams for pimples AND daily creams for dry skin. Will that help? Is it okay? What should I do to avoid more skin problems?

jennmill answers:

Maybe you’re cleansing your face too much. I’d get a good exfoliator, and use it every two days. It’ll help remove that dead skin. Find a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and use it everyday. It’s important to moisturize, even if you have oily skin.

Don’t cleanse more than twice a day.

Ken asks…

I need a Solution to my very annoying skin problem!?

I have combination skin. At times it can be very, very dry and other times it’s incredibly oily.

It does my head in. I have olive skin and it’s terribly hard to find a foundation that gives me a good coverage. I try to moisturise my skin but then it looks greasy but if I don’t it cracks and the foundation goes flaky. I’ve tried mixing my foundation with cream but it doesn’t work that well.

Does anyone know anyway I can avoid this problem!

jennmill answers:

Well, youu could definately try a different brand of foundation. But the best thing to do is wash your face every day and night. Wash it with something specially made for oily skin. It should reduce the amount of oil produced on youur skin. Also, try not putting as much foudnation on. Tht could really help.

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