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Your Questions About Cellulite Problem

Jenny asks…

Cellulite problem?

Is there a way to get rid of cellulite? I have an unflattering amout of it on my butt and thigh area. Any tips?

jennmill answers:

Bubbles is right, you have to eat really healthy, get in shape, drink lots of water and get some real tanning at the beach, that really helps to make it less visible but unfortunately there is really little you can do, it won’t go away, if it did Tyra Banks wouldn’t have it because believe me that woman has a lot of money and can buy the best treatments for it.
And remember that a lot of skinny women have it, it doesn’t mean you are fat it just means you should try and tone your muscles. Oh and buy a good cream but don’t go crazy believing there is a magic cream for it or you’ll waste your money. Good luck.

Susan asks…

cellulite problem?

I do exercise a lot( I do it every day),eat a lot of fruit,vegetable…but I still do have a cellulite.What can I do?

I dont sit in front of telly often as I prefer to go out or sport.So..why do I still have it?What can I do about it?Any suggestions?

jennmill answers:

Ask a trainer at your gym, maybe there are simple things you can do and you are just over looking them. Best possible answer though is just don’t worry about it, I’m sure you look fine the way you are, don’t judge yourself or let others judge you by a little cellulite. Good Luck.

Sharon asks…

Cellulite Problem!!!?

Okay I have a bit of cellulite on my thighs and bum and I really want to reduce it in a month. If I eat healthy, do 1 1/2 hours of cardio and ab exercises like crunches everyday will I achieve my goal? Also are there any other things I can do to help reduce the appearance of it? Thanks 🙂

jennmill answers:

Two things that really work paste with coffee grinds and wrap with plastic, this is a celeb secret. Use Bio oil, this can be purchased at Walmart or Rite-Aid

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