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Your Questions About Cellulite Skin Brushing

Thomas asks…

dry skin brushing and cellulite??

has anyone had any experience with dry skin brushing and its help to lessen the appearance of cellulite?? i barely have any cellulite, but the lil bit i have i want gone! i heard dry brushing your skin can really help reduce it. does anyone know how long it takes to see any results?? ( and i know nothing is going to make it completely go away, i just want it reduced!)

jennmill answers:

Cellulite is bumpy fat. It’s genetic. The best you can do tighten your skin temporarily with some drugstore products or lose weight. It up there with large pores and thinning hair. It isn’t much we can do about them.

Chris asks…

Dry skin brushing for cellulite…results?

I was just googling cellulite and came across the dry brushing technique. It seems very beneficial and great if it’s true, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it and has actually seen results.

For those who don’t know about it, here’s a link.

It’s not really a way to snag your money because you can do it using a simple towel at home.

jennmill answers:

I had a cellulite reduction session a while back, after the treatment i was told to dry body brush to keep the results. I brushed daily for about a month and a half as i was told until i fell off of the schedule. The obvious appearance of my cellulite soon returned. Im not sure if it was all in my head but i really believe it worked!

Helen asks…

What kind of brush to use with skin brushing?

I recently read about using a brush to brush your skin in an attempt to get rid of cellulite. The directions I found didn’t specify a brush type (i.e. horsehair, plastic, wooden), and I was wondering if it makes a difference. Also, is skin brushing effective? I’m in decent shape, but than to my genes have cellulite that has settled on my rear and thighs. Any pointers to get rid of it (or just make it less visuable) would be appreciated. Thanks!

jennmill answers:

Skin brushing is good! It stimulates the blood flow and exfoliates at the same time. Use a flat natural fibre fairly firm brush and always brush toward the heart in rounded motion. Massage in moisturiser afterward.Dont know if it gets rid of cellulite but it will certainly make your skin glow and feel good.

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