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Your Questions About Cellulite Skin Care

Mark asks…

Skin Care?

Does revitol is the biggest and top rated skin care company in whole america which helps in all these:

1. Anti Aging
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with ?

jennmill answers:

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Richard asks…

Cellulite…help!!! 10 points best answer!!?

So i have been getting a little paranoid about my body lately…..i just have a couple questions..
1. Since my mom has cellulite will i get it?? I don’t have any right now anywhere on my body (im 15) i do wall sits and i skate competitively and i run almost everyday. I was just wondering if i would get it, im 5 feet tall about 97-100 lbs. my mom is also short but she has cellulite and not a very nice body she weighs about 120 pounds. Will my body be the same as hers when im older?? she has stomach flab so will i when im older??? i do ab workouts everyday

2. If my mom has saggy skin and some wrinkles will i be the same??? Her facial skin is very saggy and some of her body skin is too. I have a daily skin care routine and i apply SPF 25 or 30 every day and night… i have very fair skin and burn easily but them tan afterwards. anyway to prevent wrinkles and saggy skin?? like vitamins??

3. If my mom has varicose veins will i get them??? will i get these…..and is there any way to prevent them from happening.

jennmill answers:

U r messing things up sweety- remember tht ur mom is a middle-aged woman who has had a kid, u r only 15.
1. Most women get flabs aftr pregnancy, some get back to shape by working out n eating properly, some simply ignore it. So u cant have flab like ur mom b4 even having a kid. It s gud tht u r getting enough exrcise, continue the gud work.
2. Nope- saggy skin n wrinkles come only with old age- yes, it has somethng to do with genetics, but if u really take care of ur skin, eat right n keep urself in gud health, u can prevent it to a certain extent. Dont worry nw abt whts to happen 30 years latr- thts ridiculous.
3. I dont knw if thts hereditory- howevr dont wrry abt tht nw sinc u havent got thm yet.
Do not worry abt silly thngs nw- its ur youth, go out n enjoy it 🙂

John asks…

What kind of guy doesn’t mind having sex with?

a girl who has stretch marks and loose skin and cellulite, and just doesn’t care if she is imperfect?

jennmill answers:

Just your average, decent guy. Most men are like this.

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