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Your Questions About Cure Cellulite

Daniel asks…

What is the best method to cure cellulite?

jennmill answers:

Don’t know but you can take those creams off the list.

Sandy asks…

what can one do to cure cellulite?

my cousin has gaing weight and she’s really stressful.
but she is not that FAT , but she toldme she had some and said that it can happen to me?
so i was wondering if any lotions work?
or anything?
if its about excercising what type of excercises?

jennmill answers:

Keep your pants on

Mary asks…

If there was a genuine cure for cellulite, how much would you pay?

If you were guaranteed to get rid of that orange peel effect, how much money realistically would you pay?

I’m not a business, just a student who is trying to find out for an assignment that i’m doing.

Thanx for your help.

jennmill answers:

I don’t know…depends on how much it cost, how effective it was, and if it was outside my budge what it would take for me to save the money to pay for it…

It’s not an enormous issue for me, so unless it was quite reasonable I’d probably pass…I’m 42 and have learned to live with certain imperfections (and work on those I can change)…if I was still a 20-something, it might an issue of higher importance to me.

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