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Your Questions About Fast Acne Cure Home Remedies

James asks…

Best home remedies to cure acne?

im 15 and i don’t quite have acne, i have a few spots here and there.. some days you can hardly see them and some days you can, i get really self conscious and i want to know how to get rid of them quick and fast using home remedies, HELP???

jennmill answers:

Boil up some water and place it in a bowl, cover ur head with a towel and hover above it.. This will open your pores, afterward either use sudocreme, toothpaste, germelene etc to dry the spot out… Best to do this over night 🙂

Chris asks…

home remedies for acne that work fast and actually work i need to get rid of it!!?

ok i need to get rid of my acne clearly and forever ONLY HOME REMEDIES PLEASE and i get trased i want it yo stop iv tried various thing from lemon juice to toothpaste to medicated acne gel and so forth please I NEED HOME REMEDIES FOR ACNE THAT WORK AND WORK FAST!!!!! thabks ahead of time 😀 EASY 10 POINTS FOR A HOME REMEDY. TO CURE MY PROBLEM

jennmill answers:

Read through this site and see if you find anything. It’s got tons of recommendations and is the best site I’ve found for natural cures for everything. Good luck.


Charles asks…

Any home remedies of how to cure spots quickly?

I don’t have acne just spots on my forehead and chin. I need something that works fast. None of the stuff in the shops though is helping Thanks

jennmill answers:

I put toothpaste on because it drys the spots out, put it on before bed and it may not have completely disappeared by the morning but it should have improved.
Also give sudo cream ago, it’s sounds odd but for some reason i found putting it on before bed really helps.
Good luck

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