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Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal For Men

Carol asks…

Pubic hair removal for men??

I think I want to remove my pubic hair, I’m thinking maybe trim it down using scissors, I don’t want to shave it, and I certainly don’t want to wax it.
Do you think it’s a good idea to cut it with scissors? Will it grow back fast? Will it grow back thicker?
please help me

jennmill answers:

That should be fine, but it won’t grow back any thicker than before. It may seem so for a while, but that’s because your eyes are playing tricks on you. It only appears to be thicker because it’s been absent for a while.

It normally takes a few weeks to grow back fully, but that varies so there’s no definite time frame.

Hope that helps.

Sandra asks…

Hair removal for men?

I have slight back hair, but I am afraid of waxing. Someone told me Nair will keep the hair off for a while, but I don’t want it to grow back faster and thicker than before. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

jennmill answers:

Hair doesn’t grow back any faster or thicker after removal – it will just look thicker if the method of removal blunts the ends of the hairs (i.e. Shaving)
I think Nair disssolves the hair so you should be alright.
An even better idea is to rethink waxing: there’s nothing to be afraid of. The momentary pain is worthwhile for the longer term result

Betty asks…

Is there an effective way to make facial hair less noticeable in men ?

I am a 17 year old male, who turns 18 in a month. For the past 3 years I have had an awful time with facial hair. My skin is very fair and my facial hair very dark (making it very noticeable!). The hair itself is very thick and grows rapidly on my face and neck (It grows so fast that I have to shave it everyday to make sure I’m making it as less noticeable as possible). The problem is that I just cannot be seen out if I haven’t shaved – maybe its a physiological thing but the facial hair is right out above the skins surface after one day. It has crushed my self esteem so bad that I cannot talk to girls anymore, and barely leave the house unless it’s for sixth form. I did my research about methods that can be used to make facial hair less noticeable/stop growing. I bought a Rio Laser Hair Removal X20 kit (which burnt a hole in my pocket) which simply did not work! I moved onto buying a Silk Epil Epilator, which I pressed to my face after a day without shaving but immediately put it back in the box because the pain was unbearable. I thought I would try my hand at tweezing, which I have had some okay results from. However I only tweeze my chin because tweezing my neck and cheeks is too painful. I continue to tweeze my chin because without doing so my chin appears to be very dark due to the hairs sitting under the skins surface and I cannot stand that! My neck is a very troublesome area. The hair grows very thick and awkwardly all over it (i’m talking down to the point it meets my upper body). And this is the area that gets the most irritation from shaving – I use a Remington Electric shaver (simply because shaving with a blade caused a lot of acne which I am currently being treated for with Roaccutane). I have to shave against the grain otherwise the hair will not come off and I end up with black stubble all over my neck and face. The problem however is when I do shave against the grain my neck gets horrible irritation! So much so that I take the next day off school so that the irritation can calm down and I do not have to make it worse by shaving over it. I know i’m not over exaggerating here because I see middle aged men with less facial hair than me, all my mates have baby soft faces and I cannot bear to be around them when girls are around because I get completely ignored and people always make comments such as ‘you need a shave’ when in fact I shaved not so long before they made that comment, it ruins my day. The fact that I only go into Sixth Form about 3 days a week instead of five is not good! But I can’t bear to be seen without a shave. I have had really bad acne over the years too, which has cleared up really well due to the treatment of accutane which ends in about a month. But combine the acne with excessive facial hair and you get 3 years of confidence destroying situations. Some of you will probably think ‘oh your a man get on with it’, but I know that I shouldn’t have this much hair growth. My whole body is very hairy but I keep it under wraps with clothes. The problem is, you never see these breakthrough hair removal methods recommended for men. It’s always a womens product. Things like Vaniqa, electrolosis, laser hair removal etc. Professional laser hair removal is very expensive and unless it’s covered under the NHS for those under 18/still in education then I will not be able to have it. I’m seeing my dermatologist in about 2 weeks, he probably assumes I made the appointment to talk about my accutane treatment. But in fact I want to tell him what I’m telling you, see if there is anything he can do to make my problem go away. I’m going to college next year (that means a lot of baby faced teenagers) and I actually want to enjoy it (not like my time at sixth form). Therefore I must deal with this problem now! Is there anything you can recommended? Anything that I can say to my dermatologist? Please, this issue is very close to my heart as I have been utterly miserable for years and it’s time I find a solution.

Thanks if you took the time to read this, I know a lot of people wouldn’t have bothered.

jennmill answers:

Well first of all – who says those treatments are only for women? There’s no reason you can’t use Vaniqua, for crying out loud. Just tell your dermatologist that your facial hair is so thick it’s ridiculous, you don’t like it and wondered if you could get a prescription for Vaniqua or something like that. It probably won’t make it go away but it will make it a lot easier to manage. There may be other things your doctor could reccommend as well, other types of treatments – maybe even hormone treatments.

As far as your hair growth – you say that you know you “shouldn’t” have this much growth…Well, obviously you SHOULD have this much hair growth, since you’re having it. Most guys don’t get facial hair like that until they’re in their 20’s – so you’re an early bloomer. It’s not really that big of a deal; in fact, lots of girls think it’s kind of hot when a guy has some scruff. There isn’t anything wrong with what your body is doing. Your mates will catch up to you in a few years, don’t worry. Lots of them are probably secretly jealous.

But it’s your face…by all means, do what it takes to be happy with that face, even if it means getting rid of your most obvious sign of manhood.

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