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Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal Home

Ken asks…

Best laser /light hair removal home system?

ok well I just turned 16 and I’m having sex with my boyfriend and my hair type is quite thick, dark & fast growing. I hate having to shave every day, it takes up so much time which I don’t have! 🙁

I want to feel smooth & not have to be so high maintenance all the time so I was wondering which home lasar/electrolysis hair removal system works best for permanent hair removal & isn’t waaaay too expensive? Thanks

jennmill answers:

None, I’ve own two different brands waste of money!

Shaving or waxing, best option!

NOTHING is permanent, not even lasers.
Do you know how much hair you got? That will cost a lot of money!!!!

Lasers work best on people with pale skin and dark hair (like me!), but these days there are even options for women with dark skin and light hair. Keep in mind dark skin may require 2-3 more sessions.

It’s impossible to predict how successful lasers will work on everyone. Results depend on the quality of the laser, the type of hair you have and the number of procedures you have done. Never trust a company that guarantees hair removal. I suggest you try to a consultation in person before you sign up.

Laser hair removal isn’t cheap (about $200-$500 a session depending on where you live and the areas being treated. Again, it takes about 6 sessions to get rid of 70% of hair permanently. Touch-ups are always an option at about $100-$150 a session.

Glamour magazine ex-editor ended up scarred for life. For this very reason, you want to skip the discount places and get treated by a trained technician at an established medical facility. These places do NOT offer discounts.

Ruth asks…

What’s the best way to remove facial hair without shaving? (for guys)?

I’ve always had fast growing facial hair – ever since I was 13 years old. It’s a little silly shaving everyday because most of it’s completely grown back just a few hours later.

I’ve taken a look at home Laser hair removal kits as well as electric shavers – sadly neither of these made much difference, so what options have I got left to me?.

I don’t want to do something that’ll discolor my skin, but I hear that waxing might not be a bad option – how long does this usually last? (and is a home waxing just as effective as a professional one?)

I’ve also been reading up on Yahoo Answers about electrolysis – is this a better option than waxing, and does it cost more?

jennmill answers:

Lazer hair removal would be the best option(go to a professional though, dont buy your own kits)…trust me ive had it done..its kinda expensive but youll be glad you did it!!

Michael asks…

Effective permanent hair removal?

I find the hairs on the places i don’t want them to be are very annoying. I’ve already heard if you wax and if you use tweezers a lot it will eventually destroy the hair follicle but is there anything else that gives fast results and you can do at home like laser hair removal? preferably cheap and actually work like if you had any personal experience with it

jennmill answers:

Nah, you won’t destory the hair follicles if you use tweezers a lot. You need chemical processes like electrolysis to have any impact on the hair follicles. And even the laser hair removal is only lightening the hair strands and reducing them, not permanently removing them. In fact, the only permanent solution is electrolysis. But electrolysis is pretty costly. Even laser hair removal is expensive.

If you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest hair removal method, it’s probably shaving. But you can get razor cuts and hair regrowth can be stubby. So depilatory creams, epilators are an alternative.

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