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Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal Products

Maria asks…

What is better shaving or using hair removal cream products like veet or nair?

Does veet make your hair grow longer and thicker? When i shave my hair will grow really fast and it will be longer than it was before…

jennmill answers:

Shaving. Definitely. Even though it grows back faster, it’s much easier and less painful.

George asks…

So many hair removal products, but which one is better?

I hate shaving. It’s annoying and I’m lazy. My hair grows back fast, so I have to shave everyday – but then my skin is sensitive, so it gets very irritated. So, I was looking into waxing with home kits. But, there are so many products I don’t know what would be better. I don’t know anybody who waxes, so I can’t get opinions. Plus, I have like a zero tolerance for pain. I’ve tried lotions and not only am I allergic to them, but my hair still comes back within a few days. I’m not looking for any facial hair remover, seeing on how I don’t have any facial hair. I’m just looking for legs, bikini, and possibly my under arms. I’m kind of interested in the Sally Hansen products (especially this one: ), but still am not sure which ones would be best.

Looking for opinions, ideas, anything! Thanks.

jennmill answers:

I used that Sally hansen product it works good but if you leave it on for a long time then it stings

Donna asks…

Help.. Hair Removal Products?

Hey.. Anyone know of any good haor removal products,, I have very dark hairs all over my body and they grow very fast.. Any tips.. Thankyou 🙂 xx

jennmill answers:

Hello, their are quite a few products on the market today for hair removal. I have tried many of them and the most effective one I have found is the Veet Hair Removal Cream that you can purchase from Boots (UK).

I have dark hair and Im male too, and the cream usually gives results that last up to two weeks. The only other real option is waxing, this is painful however the more you have it done the finer the hair will grow back and also slower too, so over time you would get better results.

Hope this helps

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