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Your Questions About Fast Hair Removal

Michael asks…

If i use Electrolysis or Laser hair removal to get rid of hair, will it take longer if i have fast hair growth?

I have very fast hair growth. I want to remove some of my facial hair but i want to know if i get it done with Electrolysis of laser hair removal, will it take longer than usual to permanently remove the hair if i have very fast hair growth
Nancy that isn’t the question. If i use laserhair removal or Electrolysis will my hair take longer to remove than if i had normal growing hair speed

jennmill answers:

Laser should be the fastest way to get rid of hair. Electrolysis requires each hair to be done one at a time Hope this helps (*.:.*) C 2009

William asks…

I got veet fast removal hair cream, am i doing it wrong?

Ive used it on my finer hair and it comes off perfectly. But whenever i use it on my bikini or underarms ir never comes off!

I do it exactaly how the bottle tells me to, i leave it on the longest too. I then wipe it off, but no hair NOT one piece of hair comes off onto the towel i wipe it with. Am i doing something wrong?

jennmill answers:

Ohhh gurls 🙁 never use a “removal hair cream” so bad for your skin,take care please

Daniel asks…

how to get rid of dark follicles really fast besides laser hair removal?

i really need to know this fast and i tried things that just wont work please help

jennmill answers:

A simple remedy that many people try is lemon juice. But be careful as it is acidic and can burn your skin. Try just a little area first and see what happens.

Have a look here. You will find dozens of recipes for homemade skin care products. You will find several that could help you with this. One thing you could try is a simple dermabrasion. Mix a little sugar with some olive oil and rub it into your skin. It should help.


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