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Your Questions About Hair Removal Alternatives To Shaving

Donald asks…

Shaving/waxing/epilating hair removal question?

im thinking of getting an epilator cuz it would be easier to remove annoying hairs on my upper lip and legs and underarms

however, epilators are too painful to use on bikini area, and upper legs:(

im tryin 2 find alternatives to shaving cuz it doesnt last long enough..i DON’T want to use hair removal creams cuz they dry my skin out and are really bad

i’d like to do waxing but i can’t go to appointments like that every few weeks thinking of using home kits..are they okay? like the one bySally Hansen

ARE THERE ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVES TO HAIR REMOVAL?? (laser hair removal is not an option either 🙁

jennmill answers:

Well you’ve pretty much mentioned the most common hair removal treatments. Yes, home waxing kits are great and I use them as well because I know its hard to go every few weeks for waxing. It took a bit of practice at first, but now I can do it much faster. I think you should definetly give it a try. Hope it helps

Answer mine please

Carol asks…

What is the best method to avoid irritation and bumps after razor shaving/using hair removal cream?

Step by step guide to anybody’s hair removal without any irritation /bumps whatsoever success story. What to do/what to use. No alternative methods like “go to a salon” or “use wax”. Thank you.

jennmill answers:

First, you want to make sure you give the hair a chance to plump up, so save shaving for the end of your shower. Then, I would exfoliate gently first to help with any ingrown hairs. Next, use shaving cream and a new(er) razor. Razor quality is a big factor. You don’t have to get the quatro or the nine-tro that vibrates and all that crap, but make sure it is at least two blades and not dull or rusty. Shave gently, using pressure but not too much, and don’t go over the same area again and again. (also if you are shaving your nether regions for the first few times, shave with the grain not against it. You can get more aggressive after your skin has had a chance to adjust.)

Lastly, there are various creams like bikini zone and no-bump, but if you don’t have any of that, just use cortisone cream. I would apply directly after shaving and then as often as recommended on the tube of irritation persists.

Laura asks…

is regrowth from hair removal cream spikey?

does it grow back thicker and darker like shaving? or finer like waxing? and most of all does it come back as spikey?

how long does it usually take to regrow?

FYI this is hair removal for hair on the abdomen and chest – not coarse hair.

and any other info on painless temporary cheap hair removal other than shaving? this is the only alternative i know of.

thanks alot!

jennmill answers:

It is a myth that any type of hair removal will result in hair growing back thicker or darker or finer or anything.

The hair will not grow back jagged with the cream because it burns your hair making it thinner at the pores.

Shaving, trimming, cream, and waxing is the only ways cheap. Sorrry

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