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Your Questions About Hair Removal Alternatives To Waxing

Mark asks…

Best way to remove hair?

Facial hair – i do NOT want to pluck it, and it is too short to shave. Is Nair facial hair removal cream okay? or does it cause too much irratation?

Armpit hairWaxing? do i just buy a veet or nair waxing cream and DIY at home? Or do i need to get it professionally done? Are there any alternatives besides waxing, like any hair removal thing by just adding cream or something?

and tips are great!
and one more thing: how much does waxing hurt?

thanks, 10 points for best answer!

jennmill answers:

I would suggest laser. Waxing pain from 1-10 7

Steven asks…

The best way to remove upper lip hair?

What do you think is the best way: hair removal cream, threading, waxing or a alternative?

I either use hair removal cream or thread my upper lip but I have very sensitive hair, therefore, my skin will stay red for a while. Although, I have found that threading is better than the cream for me. But the hair grows really fast with that. So what should I do?

jennmill answers:

Wax! Make sure you do it in the night so you don’t have a red upper lip in the morning.
Hair remover cream is ok but its very easy to have a terrible reaction to it!.. It happened to me once and lets just say it ain’t pretty.
Some people bleach but just because you bleach it white doesn’t mean you cant see it!

Go with wax it might be painful for a second but it keeps the hairs away for up to 3 weeks, make sure you dont catch a bit of your top tip in it though! Ouch..

Ken asks…

Is IPL / waxing better for my situation (too much body hair)? Alternative solutions?

I am pale and my hair is dark so im definitely a possible candidate for IPL / laser hair removal.
but im hesitating to get it cause its expensive & my mum says i can go get it but i have to foot the bills with my own money 🙁 im still a student and i don’t have part time jobs or anything yet.
a shop is having a promotion, $900 for half leg, $200 for armpits and they are all UNLIMITED! is this a good deal? ^^

Anyway, my situation is: hair everywhere on my body, i even have fine stomach hair 🙁 and between my boobs, and around my nipples. it sound so gross & looks gross too. my hair grows really fast too, armpit hair grows out 3 days after i pluck it, and waxed hair takes a week to grow out. it seems so much faster than average people 🙁

is there something wrong with my hormones?! would going on birth control pills help with getting less body hair? I’m trying to eat lots of soy products too, it seems to be helping cause my hair growth was WAY faster in the past and the hair thicker too.

I just want to be totally hairless, or at least have slowgrowing hair 🙁 its so annoying to keep plucking hairs everyday. HELP?

jennmill answers:

You should get some blood work down to make sure nothing is medically wrong first. You can always try nair

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