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Your Questions About Hair Removal Solution Home

Steven asks…

arm pit hair removal at home?

I used to shave every day but you can still see the little black dots and it gets really bumpy and red. I tried plucking them all out, it works, but it gets red and bumpy. What’s a good solution that I can use at home?

jennmill answers:

There’s is a great website that has some good tips and techniques that you can use on your hair. There are also some third party options that are reliable. The site is It has all the info you need and it is a very trustworthy site(heard from a couple of my close friends) Hope you find your answer.

Ken asks…

how i can remove my body hair permanantly using home made medecine or a natural medecine like plants and tree?

i have lot of hair on my hand,legs,chest and back which not looking good as i see other people that they have less hair on their there is any medecine to reduce it or completly remove it.please give a i am not having to much money to spend it on laser shave.if there is any hair removal cream or solution which permanantly remove the hair after using 5 to 6 time.

jennmill answers:

I think thats impossible now….even i got hairy legs 🙁

Robert asks…

Natural Hair Removal Techniques needed!!?

Look guys hair removal from salon’s can be very costly sometimes.My friend Leisa she needs a quick and natural hair removal solution an easy one.She has her prom coming up soon.Please help guys!
Even i need a lil leg hair removal solution.Something easy to do at home.

jennmill answers:

Get Smooth Away, it works wonders for me and I’m latin so dark hair! Or get Nair.

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