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Your Questions About Hair Removal Solutions Free

Ken asks…

How do I order and buy this FINALLY FREE hair removal product through the net on

I’m a teenager from INDIA and my problem of being hairy on my hand and body worries me a lot. Although i do waxing, it lasts only for 2-3 days. I came to know that there is a product by the name FINALLY FREE hair removal, which provides permanent solution and free from side effects. Can anyone who knows about the product tell me about its effectiveness and also help me how do I buy it on the net through or somehow in INDIA.

jennmill answers:

A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

Linda asks…

Any solutions for hair removal in the “southern” regions that would leave me itch & burn free?

jennmill answers:

Electric Razor! Never use a blade, it will always itch, burn or leave bumps.

Electric Razor works every time.

OR, I suppose you could get it lasered off too………nah. J/k about the laser part.

Charles asks…

Hair removal?

Okay, so I’m going to CVS soon, and I want to see if I should try some new hair remover products. See, I tried Nair Shower Power, but I don’t know if I used it correctly. Some parts of my legs were smooth and hairfree, but the others still had a little bit of stubble. Sure enough, the next morning, it seemed that I had a lot more stubble than the day before, except for some areas. I shaved with a Venus razor, but it was old so it wasn’t the best solution. So I’m not sure if the product didn’t work, or if I used it incorrectly. Now, if anyone has any reccomendations of a better product, please tell me. Please note that laser hair removal is NOT an option (I’m just a teenager, lol). I want something that is easy to use, potent, and leaves me hairfree. Oh, and something I can use by the end of this week (I have a pool party coming up and I DEFINITELY don’t want stubbly legs then), so I don’t think I can buy wax since my hair is still short. I dont care for smooth i just want hairless!!!

jennmill answers:

Hello Realdeal, all the different methods of hair removal have their pros and cons. You can read about the “good and the bad” sides of each of the most common methods of hair removal here =>

Do enjoy yourself at the pool party!

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