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Your Questions About Hair Removal Solutions Men

Jenny asks…

Men’s Leg Hair Removal Help!?


I have excessively hairy legs and thighs and while I know that its OK for males to have hair on the legs, it just looks hideous! Now, I’ve been considering a few of the obvious leg hair removal solutions – electrolysis, laser, and basic trimming to name a few. What I desire however is NOT completely hairless legs but rather, a significantly reduced amount of hair on the legs. Trimming does the job, but I simply do not have the time to repeatedly trim every other week. Trimming option aside, is this possible? Anyone certain that electrolysis or laser hair removal can do this preferred treatment? Awesome, thanks to all.

jennmill answers:

I would try the electrolysis, and don’t listen to the first answerer. None of the women that I have ever dated want all that hair they want the man to be clean. Like on your gonads too. But I wouldn’t use electrolysis there, haha.

David asks…

What products are available for men to remove facial and body hair for long periods of time?

I’m looking for either a long-term or permanent hair removal solution for both face (beard/mustache) and general body hair. I’m trying to avoid laser removal and the such since they tend to run quite pricey. Waxing is ok, but I haven’t found a good facial waxing product. Thank you.

jennmill answers:

It is nearly impossible to remove your hair permanently.
Use waxing, it safe and cheap.

Carol asks…

is there any solution on men’s body hair removal other than shaving, laser or creams?

I’m 23 years old and have thick hair all over my body. Its kinda anoying to feel ichy all over your body all the time. I cant even go to the beach :(. When I went once at the Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Queensland Australia. People started stairing at me as if I was an alien or an ape. People serously started to creep-out of the area I was walking at and they never thought a young guy at only 18 had hair like that! I was really shocked as I didnt think anyone would even bother thing about it but when I saw the people watching me all the time I felt imberesed. My girl friend though its really sexy but I think its anoying really as its ichy and my room,bathroom and anywhere I go I find some of it falling down. I once talked to a friend about this and he told me that body-builders use some kind of a product that remove all the hair from there body for there competetions. But I dont remmber if it was a pill or a cream. It was somthing chemecial. Anyone know any solution for this?Help plz

jennmill answers:

Wax or nair hair remover..Just be ready to scream for a wax .

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