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Your Questions About Hair Removal Solutions Women

Laura asks…

is there any permanently hair removal creams available in india for men & women?

permanently hair removal solution (cream)

jennmill answers:

No there is no permanent hair removal creams anywhere in world !
U have to do laser treatments for permanent hair removal wich r costly n also harmful to some skin types

Mark asks…

Facial Hair In Women?

Hi all, my cousin has facial hair on her jaw bones and under her chin, quite long and thick, it happened just after her baby, she says she has had it for 4 years and she wears hoodys ALL THE TIME despite it being chronically hot outside. Anyways we were looking on the internet for facial hair removal solutions and came across the norm, electrolysis, waxing, shaving etc but she would like to know is there an oral medication to take that will stop the growth?? Or tests to have or anything more permanent then waxing, shaving?? Thanks to all in advance.

jennmill answers:

Laser is the most permanent. My mom had electrolysis and said it made the pores large and hair came back anyway and lots of treatments. I pluck the wild ones out.

James asks…

Hair removal? any solutions please ?

Hi I m a 21 yr old black american woman struggling with excessive facial hair. Its bad that wax only is good for a week!! Do you know any soultion to my problem? Besides laser I have very dark skin… thank you

jennmill answers:

The facial hair is not visible in black skinned people.
Get waxing regularly.
Waxing is the only solution to temporarily reduce facial hair.
After waxing, apply an hair growth inhibiting lotion like Completely Bare.
Apply this lotion for a week.
This lotion will reduce the growth of the new hairs.

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