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Your Questions About How To Avoid Aging Skin

Daniel asks…

What will my skin look like in 20 years if I avoid the sun?

I’m 21. Female. Fair-skinned, dark-haired-brunette. I live in Australia, in Queensland and its really hot most of the year. (We have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world). Anyway I see older Caucasian ladies in the mid 30s + with really bad skin. Like, they will have red splotches, moles, freckles, a leathery appearance to their skin. I want to avoid all that so I’ve taken to covering up every time I go in the sun, even when I’m driving, and I try to totally avoid contact with the sun cos I’m part Irish and burn easily. So if I keep this up how will my skin age and what will it look like when I’m 40?
Thanks! x

jennmill answers:

You will still get wrinkles because you lose collagen and elasticity to your skin when your body ages. But, you will probably look alot better than most women your age who did lay out in the sun when they were younger.

James asks…

Does wearing makeup everyday makes you look old and age your skin faster ?

Does make wearing makeup actually make your skin look older and age faster ?

I was told that I look better without makeup, more natural. Yet I have to use makup to avoid the sleepy look in the morning.
Someone told me that wearing makeup can actually make you look older and age your skin faster.

Can it age your skin faster ? How can I reverse Aging of skin then ? can taking supplements like Mf3 and Imedeen help?

thanks .

jennmill answers:

Well, you’re lucky that your skin is good enough so that you can go au naturel, many women would be very envious!

As for make-up ageing your skin – the opposite is in fact true. Nowadays cosmetic products have so many built in moisturisers, mineral content, SPF, UVA protectants, anti-agening properties, etc, etc. It’s all a matter of choosing the right, good quality, trusted brand names.

Donna asks…

Women–do you sunbathe or go to the tan salon, or avoid the sun altogether?

If you are a sunbather (or saloner), do you worry about the harmful effects of UV rays meaning premature aging and skin cancer? Do you ever use sunscreen? For sun-shunners, do you concern yourself with having a tan in the summer, using self-tanners and such, or are you comfortable with your skin tone without a “tan”. In either case, have you weighed the pros and cons, and how did you come to your decision?

jennmill answers:

Now I work a lot outside with my hubby in the summer. I do use sun block after I get a base tan. I really try not to burn nor stay in the direct sunlight for long periods of time. I drink a lot of fluids so that I don’t dehydrate. I also apply lotion to my skin often in the evenings to keep my skin soft and moisturized.
My aunt developed skin cancer on her face from many years of being in the direct sunlight for long periods of time with no such thing as sunblock. After seeing the scars of the operations to have it dug out, I decided that I would wear sunblock!

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