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Your Questions About How To Avoid Aging Skin

Lizzie asks…

How can I sun bake without the added aging and skin cancer?

I was wondering if there are any precautions I can take when sun baking to avoid sun aging and skin cancer (like tanning gradually, tanning at certain times of the day, etc, etc).

Please don’t tell me to fake it because realisticly fake tan doesn’t look good at all and I get so much sun through sport and surfing anyway.

Does the sun age you a lot or a little bit? My parents are 50 and they look in their 30’s so does that mean I probably won’t age very fast?

Help me, I know nothing!

jennmill answers:

In theory it is safer to tan yourself more gradually although if you develop a tan at all it is a sign of skin damage. A tan is the body’s natural protection from the sun but the body will only start to produce more melanin (tanning pigment) after skin cells have been damaged. Also just so you know a tan is only equivalent to a sun block of around 3 so even when you are tanned if you stay out long enough you are still damaging skin cells. In regards to the ageing affect, it WILL age you but how much will obviously depend on how much sun and also physical characteristics.

My personal advice if you really want a tan is to get it gradually and moisturise alot, although im not saying there are no risks involved. I am a tan lover myself and this is how i go about it. Good luck

Ruth asks…

How often should you reapply sunscreen if….?

How often should you reapply sunscreen if you are not really being exposed to the sun? Sunscreens usually have directions reapplication if you are sweating, exposed to a lot of sunlight, or rubbing it off. But I apply sunscreen to my face year round, and during the fall and the winter I don’t get much exposure, I just do it to avoid skin aging.
How often should it be re-applied in these conditions?

jennmill answers:

Every 4 hours.

Mary asks…

Ever since I started (learning how) to swim. My skin is aging before my eyes! how can I avoid this? help!!?

jennmill answers:

Chlorine does a good number to your hair and skin I know because I am ona very compettitive team I swim for two hours a day 5 or 6 days a week and it is almost painfull to touch my legs sometimes
the best thing for your skin is eucrin or aquafilic ointments they really are good take a shower within twenty minutes of getting out of the pool and right after before completely drying your legs put it on that way it locks in moisture

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