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Your Questions About How To Avoid Skin Problems

Sandra asks…

How will i avoid having alot of saggy skin after weight loss?

I’m 19 years old and i am now currently 186lb 5’6. The highest i ever been was about 237 about a year ago. I changed my diet and drink lots of water, only water actually, and use the tread meal and dance for about and hour almost every day. I have stretch marks in the center of my stomach and i already know im going to have skin problems! Is their any way to fix it with out surgery. I know im not going to ever have it perfect but anything close??..Any special exercises to help out with that?..Also for my arm and inner thighs? and to get my butt tone?..If anybody can help i would really appreciate it
Thank You!!!
oh and i would like to get down to 150!!!
is 10lb a month to fast?? thats what i seem to be losing!

jennmill answers:

Lose weight slowly; lose around 5% of your body weight per month. Try ab exercises, running, leg lunges, leg lifts, lifting weights, or brisk walking, especially on an incline or hill. Losing weight quickly will get you loose skin and will increase your chances of having your weight lost come back at you when you start eating like you used to again. Eat around 1800 to 2000 calories per day if you are a guy; 1600 to 1800 if you are a girl. Make sure you eat balanced meals according to the food pyramid. If you are a guy, 150 pounds is a healthy weight; if you are a girl, 150 is still overweight. Most people at your age and height have a small bone structure and a small frame man’s ideal weight for 5 ft 6 in is 141 pounds. A small frame female at this height should weigh 129 pounds. A healthy weight range is plus or minus 10% of the ideal weight for gender, height, and frame. A small frame 5 ft 6 in male’s healthy weight range is around 127 to 155.
Female: 116 to 142 pounds.
10 pounds per month is just a tad fast. Lose at most 8 pounds per month, or 2 pounds per week; that way the weight you will lose will be mostly body fat and increase your chances of keeping it off.

Lisa asks…

How to avoid acne during menstruation cycle?

Normally I have pretty good skin, no breakouts, no bumps or issues, I have a little bit of an oily skin problem but it doesn’t bother me too much as I live in a very dry climate-area.
However, a few days before and during my period every month I get pretty bad acne breakouts.
Is there anything I can do to lesson the breakouts?

jennmill answers:

Acne during menstruation can be affected by hormonal imbalances. Acne at this time is mainly influenced by androgens which are hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands and hair follicles in the skin. One of the major players that can affect the levels of androgens is stress. Thus high stress levels can promote further acne flare ups. This is a vicious circle, because the appearance of acne may increase a woman’s stress levels. To avoid this take measures to control your stress levels. Perhaps you could take up yoga, meditate, have a relaxing bath anything that will work for you.

Any major player in causing acne can be diet. Studies have shown that acne occurs more frequently during the week before menstruation and these conditions remain present for about a week. Eating healthier around this time should help but it is best to have a balanced diet overall and not just at this time. If you eat healthily it will be obvious by your skin. Ensure you provide your body with the nutrients it needs like vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Consuming foods that you are allergic to can contribute to acne before menstrual period. Many women do not know about all of their allergies and can thus inadvertently eat foods that lead to acne, such as shellfish, nuts, soy products, and wheat or gluten. If you eat such foods and find yourself with acne before menstrual period, you need to carefully examine your diet to determine if it is the source of your skin problems.

Never underestimate the power of water, keeping your skin hydrated can yield great results.

Another factor that can have great results on acne is improving your skin care regime. Cleaning your face too much or scrubbing too hard can result in skin irritation or stimulate overproduction of oil and pores to clog. Products that contain alcohol should be avoided, stick to those with gentle exfoliation and those that contain natural treatments such as tea tree oil. There are many over the counter products, it’s a matter of finding what works best for you.

Cosmetic products can also play havoc with your skin. The best cosmetics to buy are those that are non-comedogenic, in other words oil free. These will prevent pores becoming clogged. Cosmetics and perfumes labeled hypo-allergenic will ensure you don’t get skin irritations or allergic reactions.

Try benzoyl peroxide, it works a treat

So if you experience acne during menstruation, don’t panic, instead use your efforts take measures on preventing it.

Hope i helped
-Dr Bobble 🙂

David asks…

How do I get rid of or cover up Red, dry flaky skin?

I have had this red skin problem for at least since I was 17. I mostly avoided the acne plague during my younger teenage years but still break out sometimes.

Maybe the gods had revenge on me for not getting acne anywhere near like what my brother’s did by giving me red skin that I can’t get rid of.

I don’t even know where to start.

jennmill answers:

Try using some aloe gel it works really well on dry,itchy,and irratated skin. Not lotion by the way gel that or cut of a piece of aloe vera plant and rub it were the skin is red. Great natural medicine that is easy to get and works really well. I had cut one time so my grandma cut a piece off of the aloe vera plant she had and rubed it on the cut and it healed up in no time. Oh, did I metion it heals cuts and burns to?

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