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Your Questions About How To Avoid Skin Problems

Laura asks…

Losing weight without having excess skin problems?

How fast can one lose weight without really having to worry about having sagging excess skin (that, imo, is even more unattractive than just being fat in the first place)?

I’m a 22-year-old male, 5′ 8″ and I weigh 270lbs. I’d like to lose about 100 lbs.

What would be a safe pace so as to avoid having extra skin and requiring surgery to have it removed?


jennmill answers:

The most important thing, if you want to avoid sagging skin, is to lose the weight SLOWLY. You really have to be patient. You can do it, but you just can’t rush it.

I’d try for 1/2 a lb per week. 1 max. But remember the slowest weightloss is the healthiest.

You could try joining – it’s a great resource for healthy weightloss, and it’s FREE. You can get all your questions answered there and plenty of support from people in the same boat, too.

John asks…

What can I do to help avoid allergy problems?

Here’s the thing, I have really bad allergies, and a lot of skin problems. I’m really sensitive to A LOT of things.

I have a boyfriend who’s mom smokes inside their house. So smoking is aloud in the house if someone wants to. Also, he has cats. Only two. But I’m allergic to cats. Mostly only if I touch them and then I touch my face though. If I touch a cat I need to wash my hands right after.

Lately I’ve been going to his house and I’ll start to get itchy. It’s only been happening either on my eyelids and up, on the side of my face, or on the back of my neck. Last time I was there though I noticed it’s spreading. It got to my wrists.

Also I’ve been starting to get some sort of zit on the edge of my lip that looks like cold sores. I don’t know how to tell the difference. But this didn’t start happening until I’ve been dating this guy and going to his house.

I REALLY don’t want to stop going to his house. I really like it over there, we have fun. But should I stop? Is there anything I can do to make going over there safer for me with my allergies?

Any help is appreciated thank you.

jennmill answers:

Stay away from whatever it is you’re allergic to

Thomas asks…

why do people avoid the main point when they leave reviews for an anti-skin problem product?

If the product is to prevent wrinkles
you’ll see people post a review like this:
” Love this product! It smells amazing!”

OK, seriously, it smells amazing!? How helpful! NOT.
Does it do what it says! That is the question!
The reviewer should of said in the 1st line if it prevents or helps wrinkles
but instead she has her head in the clouds and is stuck on the smell.
Pitiful human ignorance.

jennmill answers:

A review is an evaluation, if it was only to say if the product works or not there would be no point in having a comments section. Smells amazing is helpful you wouldn’t want to a horrible smelling cream on your face would you?

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