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Your Questions About Remove Hair On Face At Home

Mary asks…

how to remove hairs on the face at home .give me solution plz. then after how many days hair will growth .?

jennmill answers:

Apply rice scrub mix with Channa at ta & rubbed on ur face

Laura asks…

how to remove upper lips hair at home ??dnt suggest waxing and all?

tell me home remedial measures may be some face packs which remove upper hair on lips….

jennmill answers:

Step 1

Pluck unwanted upper lip hair with tweezers. Hold your skin taught, squeeze the hair between the tips of the tweezers and pull it out. This method works best if you have a few random hairs needing removal. It’s cheap, but usually painful.

Step 2

Shave off unwanted lip hair with a sharp razor, warm water and shaving cream or gel. Shaving can cause razor burn, bumps or cuts but is inexpensive and you can do it yourself. This method is a good choice for men, but not a good choice for women, because every time you shave, the hair that grows back is stubbier, darker and thicker.

Step 3

Apply a depilatory cream to your upper lip to dissolve unwanted hair. Make sure to read package directions carefully and buy one specifically designed for facial hair.

Step 4

Wax off upper lip hair. Apply a thin layer of wax to your upper lip, place a cloth strip over the wax, press it down firmly and then quickly pull it off to remove the hair. You can wax at home or have it done by a professional.

Step 5

Have laser hair removal to get rid of upper lip hair. The technician, or doctor, directs a laser through the skin to the hair follicle and stops hair growth. The professionals advertise it as permanent hair removal, but most people require follow up treatments.

Step 6

Undergo electrolysis to remove upper lip hair. When you have this procedure, the therapist inserts a needle into the hair follicle and sends an electrical current to the hair root that destroys the root. It is expensive, painful and time consuming but can provide permanent hair removal.

Sandra asks…

Are there any good at-home laser hair removers that you can use on your face?

What would be the best one to get? (but not too steeply priced)

I am transgender and am wanting to permanently remove (male) facial hair. I was looking at specialists and was horrified at the average costs.. : (on average $3,000 altogether)

I also need to remove hair from under-arms, legs, arms and bikini area.

jennmill answers:

Lasers usually do not remove facial hair permanently. They reduce it temporarily. It almost always comes back. Sometimes it may take a few years, but it comes back. The reason is because the laser doesn’t fully cauterize the blood supply to the follicle, which is the only thing that will make the follicle die. It damages the follicle, and in time, the follicle heals an the hair starts to grow again.

Body hair is different, because it’s not as thick and coarse. Usually, after a few treatments, laser will eliminate body hair permanently. However, before you go spending money to remove body hair, consider that for many Trans women, testosterone blockers cause a significant reduction in body hair, and in time (especially if the person has surgery to remove their testicles) most of the male pattern body hair reverts to tiny, blonde “vellus hair” (which all women have.) T-blockers may reduce, but will not remove, hair from the armpits, genital & anal region, arms, legs, and in some cases, the lower back, but many women have hair in these places as well, which is why razors, waxing and depilatory creams exist.

As for home lasers, I can’t speak for their effectiveness, but I seriously doubt they’ll do much. Lasers are regulated by the government, and the general public can only posses lasers of very low power output.

The only way to eliminate facial hair permanently is with electrolysis. Depending on the amount of hair, the technician, and how frequently you go, it can take from 2-5 years to completely eliminate the hair, and the cost can range from $5000 to $20,000 (or more.) I’ve probably got about 200 hours done, and I’ll probably need another 200 before I’m finished. That’s $20 grand!

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