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Your Questions About Remove Hair On Face Treatment

David asks…

any 1 can tell my about hair removing treatment of for my face?

i have a lots of hair on my face nera my eyes. i wanted to remove these hair. can any body help me out.
i dont wanted to do wax my face! my skin is so sensitive. please tell me total cost of that treatment

jennmill answers:

You have to consult a doctor…depending upon the amount of hair you’ve got and depending upon your skin type he/she can give you proper information

Chris asks…

what are the treatment to remove unwanted hair on face of man?

jennmill answers:

Ever wish you had less hair on certain parts of your body? You are not alone. Removal of unwanted hair can be easy.

This article will give you 3 Ways you can remove that unwanted hair.

Waxing – One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair is waxing. There are a lot of do it yourself kits available at the pharmacy. Removal of hair through waxing is done by putting a wax on the area that you desire to remove hair from. Use enough pressure to create a good bond, and then pull the wax away by starting at one end and pulling toward the other end. To lessen the pain, place your fingers on the affected area right away after waxing it. You will see that there will be redness on the affected area. For chest hair, waxing is the best method.
Stringing – One of the conventional ways for removing facial hair is stringing, also called threading hair, can be done in spa or beauty salon. It is used to get rid of hair from chin cheeks or lip, eyebrows. The beautician makes use of two strings to grab and pull the unwanted hair out.
Laser – one of the modern ways to remove hair from your face and other areas is laser hair removal. You can use laser removal to remove unwanted hair on more private areas as well.
Sometimes, as a result of these methods you may be dealing with ingrown hair removal as well. Warning: This may be painful and very unsightly especially if you remove hair on your face.


Laura asks…

is there any household treatment for remove unwanted hairs on face?

i am 20 years old girl from past 8th month i realized that i have lots of hair growth on my face. is it any inner problem, plss tell me..what should i do remove these unwanted hairs? (waxing, or laser)??

jennmill answers:

I’ve heard waxing is best.

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