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Your Questions About Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home

Michael asks…

How can i permanently remove unwanted facial hair at home?

I have been trying diffrent products for the past 4 months, but non of them seems to work. at least for me ! Can u recommend me any product to try that might work?

jennmill answers:

Removing facial hair is a common concern nowadays, for both males and females.

There isn’t a simple answer as far as permanent or even long term removal is concerned.

Facial hair on both males and females comes about in the same way because of

1) your body being sensitized, before you were even born, to testosterone — doesn’t happen to all girls, but does to many

2) your body producing high levels of testosterone

The growth rate and coarseness of the hair depends on just how much testosterone is circulating in your bloodstream.

As far as removing it is concerned it’s worth remembering that

* Waxing, plucking, threading, epilating all pull the hair out by the roots and where the growth is hormonally-driven can actually stimulate a dormant follicle into producing more hair quicker. They also distort the root if done repeatedly, leading to hair growing at strange angles. And you’ve got to let the hair grow to quite a length before you can repeat the exercise. It can also damage the skin and discolor it.

* Chemical depilatories strong enough to remove the hair are very likely to burn the skin, cause swelling and cause long-term discoloration of the skin.

* Laser is also liable to cause burning and discoloration.

* Electrolysis is very liable to cause scarring and discoloration of the skin.

Which, like it or not, leaves shaving which does not damage the skin. Best done with a men’s-style electric razor, among the best of which, for both men and women, are probably those from the men’s range of Norelco razors (Philishave outside the US).

Ken asks…

Who has found something that works for permanent hair removal at home?

Does anyone have any success stories for anything that works to permanently remove unwanted hair?!!! Creams or machines or ANYTHING?!! My husband is coming home after being away for 2 years and I am tired of waxing unwanted hair, can anyone help???
Also, I am fair skinned with blonde to strawberry blonde hair, so laser treatment hasn’t worked for me 🙁

jennmill answers:

I’m also blonde and fair skinned. I’ve heard that electrolysis works well on blondes and is permanent, and I’m planning to do that as soon as I’m old enough. It’s not an at home treatment though. For the time being, I’ll rub nair on myself before taking a shower and follow the directions carefully, then take a shower and shave normally with a sharp razor. I’ve never managed to make at home waxing actually work, instead I’m always left with an expensive sticky mess.

Maria asks…

How do you get rid of unwanted hair permanently?

I’ve heard of electrolysis, but i’m not sure how that works, do you know? and if you’ve used or heard of any other ways or products to remove body hair permanently, what are they? im looking for an athome type of kit or tool.

jennmill answers:

Electrolysyis is alright but you will have to get several sessions to permanetly remove hair

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