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Your Questions About Remove Unwanted Hair

George questions…

What is the procedure of remove uninvited hair on chin.?

I want to remove uninvited hair from my chin. I know the adverse effect of bleaching, and I don’t want to bleach my whole face. Is there any additional way to remove hair only from the chin area additional than bleaching. If bleach is the only way, then please suggest me any bleach product which is available in the market and the procedure. And I have sensitive skin.

jennmill answers:

Waxing is the best way.
In view of the fact that it is removed from the root, waxing will be painful for the first time, which will gradually lower as you keep getting waxed evenly.
Regular waxing will slow down the re-growth of new hairs and it is also said to make hairs grow thinner over a cycle of time.
Skin remains hair free for 2 to 3 weeks

Susan questions…

How can I remove uninvited hair permanently at home?

I heard that there are various process to remove uninvited hair permanently. But all of these requires to go to a clinic, a beauty saloon or therapeutic centres.!! Is there any way by which removal of hair permanently is possible in home?

jennmill answers:

The only way to permanently REDUCE hair at home is by waxing. But it can be even more painful doing yourself, things can go incorrect and you can miss hairs.

The only way to permanently REMOVE is laser hair removal. You can’t do it at home.

John questions…

How can I remove uninvited hair from my body?

Hi, all of you I am Avinash from India. I have too much uninvited hair on my whole body. I want to remove forever at minimal cost. Please help me!

jennmill answers:

No form of hair removal is “forever” or “100%”. Consider IPL hair removal. It would be better for you than laser because it has the ability to protect your skin. Risks are higher with lasers.

POSITIVES: Most areas of body can be treated. Treatments are relatively quick. Only about 6-10 sessions are required per area, approximately once every 4-6 weeks (depending on area of body). You can get rid of about 70-90% of hairs. Minimal maintenance sessions are necessary, approximately once or two a year. It gives you fantastic confidence and freedom. It has a proven success rate. Its the only thing that truly works.

NEGATIVES: It’s not cheap. Your lip or sides of face could cost $70-150. Between $125 and $250 per session to do your face. About $150-400 to do brazilian. Over $500 to do both legs.

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