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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice

Sharon asks…

What is the very best skin care advice you can give?

jennmill answers:

If you were like me, i had red blotches and whiteheads all over my face! I used to wear coverup and all kinds of make up to hide it, but trust me, that makes it way worse!! If you are, stop wearing it right away!! It doesn’t matter how ugly you think you look, because alot of people have it, and if you keep putting on the make up, it will make it way worse. If you used products like Pro Active and Neutrogena, and it didn’t work, go to a dermatologist, and ask them the best things they can give you! If you have bad acne, it will prbably make your skin peel because it’s peeling away all the redness and pimples, so don’t stop using it! I used something called Retin-A-Micro, and it really worked! Good luck, and i hope this helps!

Joseph asks…

Skin Care Advice for a 30 year old please?

I am 30 years old and want to do all that I can to keep a youthful look without any surgery or botox procedures. May I please get advice on skin care products (ie. should I start using La Mer type skin products or do you know of better options?), how often should I get facials? I am looking for tips, product lines, and treatments that don’t involve needles or surgery yet. However, I will probably turn to that route when I am in my 50’s or 60’s. Any professional advice is very much appreciated! Thank you!

jennmill answers:

There’s a great skin ingredient that really hasn’t hit the commerical market yet. It’s called Copper Peptides. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons use it for post-treatment of chemical and laser skin resurfacing — because it helps to build collagen, reduce inflammation and helps to skin heal fast.

Later Dr. Loren Pickart found that it can be used to help reverse skin aging by increasing collagen production — which starts slowing down in your 30’s.

You can read more about cooper peptides at this web site —

This web site outlines all kinds tips and ticks to help make your skin look and be younger. At age 30, now is a good time to start getting control of aging before it goes to far…..then it’s really hard to reverse the aging effects.

Daniel asks…

Why do people give advice on skin care if they are absolutely clueless?

You should not be answering questions online for people with skin problems, chances are they will try your remedy screw up their skin and no one can be held liable. If you do NOT know what you are talking about don’t you think it’s time to stop giving advice?

jennmill answers:

Because they want points, however people shouldnt rely on yahoo answers 100% afterall we are just random people lol

George asks…

I need an easy to follow skin-care regime and advice on which skin-care products I need to buy?

I am a 19 year old male with tired, pale, sensitive, oily, blemished acne prone skin, also I have dark red marks under my eyes that are wrinkled, and large open pores at the sides of face.
I have no idea how to improve my skin and it’s depressing, I don’t know which products to buy and in what order to use them, please if you can guide me in some easy to follow steps let me know what I need to do for healthier looking skin.

jennmill answers:

Aww, don’t be depressed. You’re making me sad.

I would suggest something gentle for a cleanser, like cetaphil facial cleanser. (don’t worry, it comes in a very unisexual bottle (= )

use that morning and night.

(most acne cleansers actually tend to aggravate the skin. And, if you do choose to use a medicated cleanser, choose one with salicylic acid, and let it sit on your face for a minute before washing it off; it wont work otherwise)

for a moisturiser, I would suggest cetaphil lotion, but if you’re really having problems even after trying that, get EMU OIL. There is nothing so close to a miracle product, in my opinion. Emu oil mixed with a bit of water works wonders, even on oily skin.

Use a toner after cleansing, something like Nivea Alcohol-free toner will work fine. It will help clean and refresh your face, not to mention help tighten your pores.

For some natural ways, try using honey once or twice a week as a moisturiser. How: after cleansing, apply about 1 tsp of honey all over your face, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Wash it off gently, and pat your skin dry. Honey works as a very good moisturizer, and it also helps with acne.

An egg white beaten and applied over your face for 5, 10 minutes will work as a temporary skin tightener, making your pores smaller.

In the end, a trip to the dermatologist may help as well. Please consider it!

Edit: I saw the post under mine, and i just want to clarify: Getting sun or tanning will NOT help your skin. The UV rays may just irritate it more and damage it, not to mention you would be ushering in potential skin cancer. The tan may conceal the blemishes, but the long term cons will be far worse.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more help, my email is Just put “skincare help” in the subject line and i will be happy to help!

Hope this helped at least a bit! =)

Nancy asks…

What is the best advise for natural skin care?

Here is a link to view my pics for better skin advice.Thanks.and Homemade skin care advice would be great.

jennmill answers:

Use cinnamon,honey,and as much juice as u can from a HALF of a lemon..
Only a half!
Use that in a bath,otherwise it is sooooooooo messy..
Trust me on this..
Honey and lemon drips a lot..
So be careful..keep that mask on for at least 10 mins..
Good luck and it does work…

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