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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice

Lizzie asks…

I need some skin care advice!?

My skin is mostly unproblematic as long as I take care of it, but in the area between my eyebrows I frequently get pimples. The skin in this area is also really flaky, so it does not look attractive when I conceal pimples. I use the St. Ives Naturally Clear Cleanser and Scrub, and a Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin on my cheeks, but occasionally all over my face. Any advice?

jennmill answers:

It’s probably just a little dry. If you use a good night cream it should help. I love neutrogina light night cream. It feels and looks a little greasy but it’s gone by mourning.

Mandy asks…

I need a new skin care routine, advice?

I am currently using clearasil ultra for my mild acne, although it works alright it does not give me the effects im looking for, i want flawless skin. I was thinking of either getting proactive or murad skin care products. if you would recommend one of these or have an suggestions that would be great. I have pretty sensitive skin. I tend to get pimples around my chin and my nose and cheeks are usually oily. If you have any advice or any experience with murad or proactive that would be great. thanks so much!

jennmill answers:

Well currently i am using Proactiv and it has done absolutely nothing but cause my skin to be really dry, even with moisturizer. I am thinking of trying Murad but I know it’s really expensive and I’m doubting how effective it will be. However, I have pretty bad acne and if you only have mild acne, Proactiv might work better for you. It’s different for everyone. I should also warn you though if you have sensitive skin, proactiv uses benzoyl peroxide and it’s pretty harsh. They have a newer formula though and I haven’t tried it yet.

Steven asks…

Skin care advice please?

I need some advice on skin care. I have pretty good skin, no zits/pimples really. I just have these little bumpish things on my forehead – not completley pimples, and some blackheads on my nose (ugh). I’m just wondering what kind of cleansers and stuff I should be using, cuz I really have no clue where to start. Preferrably something not super expensive.
Right now I just wash my face with Nivea moisturizing body wash in the morning, then use ponds face cream for dry skin. Before I go to bed I wash my face with regular soap (it’s either dove or nivea)
so what should I change in my routine? To get rid of the bumps/blackheads?

jennmill answers:

If this is really important to you, price should not matter.
The face wash at the store that’s really expensive usually means it works!
They’re not just trying to screw you over. Nobody would buy them then.
Go to the drugstore and ask the people in the department where the face wash is which one is the best for your “issues”. Price should not be the first thing to think about.

David asks…

Does anyone have any advice on skin care products for young pre-teens?

I have 3 daughters, two at 9 years old, and one at almost 11. I would like to get them started taking better care of their skin, but don’t know where to start.

jennmill answers:

That is so good teaching your kids to take good care for themselves. First of all if you want to teach them right, teach them not to use products formulatted without animal products and formulatted without mineral oil. Mineral oil is the 2nd worse thing that you could do to your skin, (#1 is the sun), it is like rubbing car oil on your skin and exposing it to the sun. Animal products come from rendering plants what these plants do is pick all dead animals from road, meatmarkets, etc., and put them inside a huge pot, squash everything inside, boil it and the oil that comes to the top is what companies use to formulate their “beauty” products. I would have to recommend using Arbonne products, these products are botanically based and do not use none of animal products (they are BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY) they do not use mineral oil (nor the derivates of petroleum) they are hypoallergenic, pH balanced, recommended and used by dermatologyst, well they are just great. I started using them a few months ago and I would have only wished to have known them before, they have been 25 years on the market and you can only find them through independent consultants through out the country, I live in Puerto Rico and I can tell you that the sun is #1 in aging signs so the use of these products help you to diminish the signs and have a great and healthy skin. I order the products online at: and what is also great is that if for any reason you do not like a product you can return it and they will send you the money…..even if they are used… No other skin care company will accept that. For your girls there is a basic line called Arbonne Inteligence and they could only use the wash, toner, and moisturizer. Did you know that the first lines tend to appear at the age of 20? So if you prepare your girls to take care from now when they reach our ages they are going to look just great, so hats off to you for taking such great care of your girls……

Donald asks…

can anyone give me some skin care advice?

what different skin care brands can give me extra moisture for dry skin, improves texture and appearance, reduces wrinkles around feet and eyes.

jennmill answers:

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. And then when you are done exfoliating, get the Mary Kay night time and day time cremes for face and around eyes. Works wonders.

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