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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice

Daniel asks…

Skin care advice. facial ideas, etc.?

ok, whats a good skin care treatment or facial masks can help with dry skin on like the side of the nose. i would prefer a homemade treatment, i dont have money to spend. so does anybody have some good facial that gets rid of like little blackheads and dryness on the nose. thanks.


jennmill answers:

Use an aspirin mask or eggs mask.
Aspirin mask contains salicyclic acid like many other acne products.
Egg mask contains sulfur which also tackles acne like the DDF Sulfur Mask. The yolk acts as a natural moisturizer.

Laura asks…

I am pregnant…and I need good skin care advice. What are the hottest products on a budget?

jennmill answers:

Coco butter is the best thing to use but if it is for your belly then any oil like baby oil is good to keep it from drying and it will help it not itch

Michael asks…

skin care advice for 19 year old girl ?

i have been trying alot of different skin care brands they all just seem to make my face look really dull and red i have sensitive skin what do you use and do you like the results……


jennmill answers:

Proactive didn’t work for me i like skin id a lot better because it picks out the best solution to fix the type of acne you have! So its actually made just for you!!

Steven asks…

about skin care give advice to maintain skin properly?

how many times we have to use scrub to face for a week?

jennmill answers:

An exfoliating scrub should NOT be used several times a day. Scrubs are great because they give your skin a deep clean and leave it feeling nice and smooth but overdoing it is very bad for your skin. Just imagine -this is a product that will be digging into your face (which is one of the most delicate parts of your body.) I recommend using a scrub 2-3 times a week. This will leave your skin feeling lovely while not overdoing it. =)

James asks…

Skin Care advice?

What skin care products do you use/recommend to deal with enlarged pores, too much oil, fine wrinkles, lackluster skin?

jennmill answers:

Use clean & clear

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