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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice For Men

Sharon asks…

Has anyone noticed that all aestheticians are hot? Advice for men here too?

seriously if you ever have trouble meeting girls your age cause of time, work, etc…who are ridiculously attractive, go to a title co. (im in real estate) or start taking care of your skin & go to a spa or wherever aestheticians work.

jennmill answers:

Yes that is true.

James asks…

What to learn in beauty school?

Can someone tell me what programs are included in a beauty school? I’m particular interested in men‘s skin care and make up for both genders, is it possible to obtain this particular license?

Also I’m 45 years old, getting into creative beauty has been my dream but for some reason I had to start late. Will it be a problem?

And how much will it costs? I’m in search of a school in New York.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


jennmill answers:

Well congrats, first off, for following your dream. That’s pretty cool. Also, I agree with the other respondant… It really varies from program to program and from school to school. The best bet you have is to really do your research. Check out as many schools as possible and request information. The more you learn the more you can narrow down your options. Check out and in order to check out some available schools that might work for you… I used those sites as a resource when I was looking.

Good luck!! Hope this helps!


Nancy asks…

Hi does a man care what color a vagina is ? dark or light?

Hi does a man care what color a vagina is ? dark or light? I am under the impression that men dont like darker colored vaginas, mine is dark and i always feel so shy around my husband i always turn off the light, I am a tan skin color lighter than halle berry, my ex used to tell me he hated dark vaginas and now after being with my husband for 10 years I still dont feel secure, even though he loves having sexual relations with me, but I hate feeling so self conscience about this issue, any advice?

jennmill answers:

I don’t think your husband cares about the color of your Private area. All colors pink, lite pink, brown, lite brown, and so on. It’s all good to guys trust me. The only things that turn men off is bad hygiene and over grown hair. The rest is all good.

Susan asks…

Christian men please help me! I am having a really hard time with my purity and dressing modestly?

I’m 17 years old and have known God for about two years.
Before I was a Christian I used to dress and act really scandalously, but the Bible has taught me how important modesty is.

I definitely am covering a lot more than I used to, but I still can’t help but show some skin now and then. I don’t like wearing short shorts, but I wear dresses a lot. I usually try to make sure they’re down to the knee but it’s not like that all the time and sometimes they’re too short.

My biggest problem is showing cleavage. I am very well endowed in the chest area, so it’s not only hard to cover up but it’s also tempting. I know I am going to get more attention from guys, and I know this is so wrong but I try to get attention from a certain Christian guy, if I show off some cleavage.

It makes me feel good at that moment, but it depresses me at the end of the day knowing that Christian men wouldn’t want to get to know me because I don’t dress as modestly as I should. True Christian men don’t want to build a relationship with scandalous girls, and I admit I’m one of them.

The real reason why I’m like this is because I’m very insecure. I think I’m ugly. I know God made me in His image and I’m beautiful in His eyes, but to the world’s eyes I’m think I’m ugly. And even Christian men care a lot about looks.

I feel like showing off the skin I do makes Christian guys more attracted to me, but it’s sad because I know it’s only in that moment and they wouldn’t care about me in the long run.

I’ve been watching videos on youtube on what Christian men think of the way women dress, and all of them said that women who dress provacatively look pathetic, they’re trying too hard for attention, and they wouldn’t want to pursue any kind of relationship with them (friendship, romantic, etc.)

So what do I do about this? Please I need some advice

jennmill answers:

Im not sure I see what your problem is here. You answered your own question. You know what Christian men look for quality wise in a woman….so do not dress scandalous. Pretty simple. That is like saying…im fat cause i eat, but I eat because im fat…doesnt make sense. Stop dressing scanalous and have pure thoughts. Christian men will flock to you.

Ken asks…

need advice on good face creams and moisturizers (natural/organic)?

Ok, I need advice from some people knowledgable in this subject.

I’m a man, in his mid-20’s, who needs skin care help. Now, I am often told I look older, 30ish, not in a bad way, I just have a mature look. But, it bugs me, I aged a lot in the past few years. Mostly, I believe, moving to Arizona and riding my back in the Arizona sun.

I had acne problems my entire life and finally got it under control the passed few years, mostly with diet (strict no-dairy/ no-wheat/ no processed foods)and proper facial washing- so I have oily skin. But, I don’t moisturize or do any of that stuff, but, in fear of aging worse and worse, I’d like to slow it down.

So, I need help, I use alba pineapple facial scrub in the morning, with the hibiscus toner, then at night I use Neutrogena acne face wash (the orange crap) with the toner, then neutrogena moisturizer (recently added the past few months, it works ok I guess).

Does anyone have any AMAZING facial creams I can add before bed, preferably all-natural or organic? Plus, a good facial cream for the morning, nothing too heavy and wont make me look greasy.

jennmill answers:

If you cut open a Vitamin E capsule and rub the oil into your skin about half an hour before showering, it will penetrate and soften your skin.

There’s a product called Bio-Oil which isn’t wholly natural although it does have a lot of natural ingredients, and this is a WONDERFUL skin repairer!!

You might also like to try a weekly face mask/mud pack, they’re great for cleansing/softening the skin.

Hope’s Relief is a lovely natural cream which is especially for problem skin conditions, I have used it on my face though when I’ve run out of moisturiser and it’s lovely, penetrates and soaks in almost instantly, so this would be a good one for the morning, to leave no residue.

The most important thing you can do apart from cleansing gently and moisturising is to use high protection sunscreen every day, and wear a wide brimmed hat.

The products I’ve mentioned are readily available in Australia (our sun is pretty harsh too lol) but I’m sure would either be available in the US or could be shipped there. They really are excellent!

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