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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice For Men

William asks…

What is the best anti-aging skin care / moisturizers for men?

I was considering using Loreal Men Expert, but I’m not really too sure about it. It seems a little too commercialized and because of that I have my doubts.

I’ve also been considering using Nivia for Men

Can you give me any advice? I’m going on 25 in the end of January and I really need to start using some sort of anti-aging product, while I’m still relatively young.
* I’m vegetarian so I don’t eat fish

jennmill answers:


David asks…

Should I moisturise sensitive and spot prone skin?

or could it cause a breakout?

Also anyone know any skin care advice for men? I have no idea?

jennmill answers:

Use a NON-GREASY moisturiser that is colour free&perfume free…colour & perfume are useless in moisturisers so u dont need that on ur skin 🙂 for examply, like the one in d below link…

Ken asks…

Makeup and skin care for men?

Im looking for a BOOK not a website or a video on the basics of makeup and skincare especially if it offers advice to men

jennmill answers:

Top to Toe: A Comprehensive Guide to Grooming the Modern Male by Tony Glenville

Have you ever tried subscribing to GQ, Details, or Men’s Health Magazine?

Robert asks…

Skin Care Products for Men?

I am looking for a good skin care product for the face also shaving kit. I was either thinking “Biotherm” or “ZIRH”

Any advice would help:) thanks

jennmill answers:

You should visit this source:

Donald asks…

Advice on Skin Care regime?

Ok, well I’m an 18 year old guy and I just need some advice on a couple of skincare ideas…

To begin, basically I have pretty sensitive and dry skin, and it is also slightly acne prone. I finished taking an isotane (anti-acne) course about two months ago, which got rid of most of my acne, although I have some marks on my checks.

In the morning and and night I use “neutrogena oil free acne wash, cream cleanser” w salicylic acid. Then I moisturize with L’OREAL men expert hydra-sensitive.

Occasionally, I use “Garnier Prue active blackhead clearing scrub” w salicylic acid as a exfoliater.
Last of all I have just begun using Benzac AC 2.5% to combat occasional spots.

Now for the questions…

Is it normal for my skin to feel tight/dry after cleansing and before moisturizing?

Also recently i have been getting whiteheads around my mouth and chin, what could be causing this and what would be the best way to stop it? (I have been told that using lip balm a lot can cause this, which I have stopped as of yesterday)

What could I use to help remove acne scars on my checks?

Finally, is the products I use good for my skin type? (sensitive/dry)
What other products could you recommend that would be beneficial while also keep away basic acne?
Does my regime cover all the basics of skincare?

Thanks in advance

jennmill answers:

I personally use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask to dry up acne. As far as your dry skin goes I would try to moisturize right after you cleanse, while your face is still damp. Now for acne scars you could try a laser treatment, it would actually help your acne as well. Those are pretty expensive, but well worth it.

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