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Lisa asks…

Frightened, please help?

It’s me again. I understand that if I’m this scared I need to see a doctor, and I’m in the process of trying to get an appointment with my primary care doctor, but I’m really freaking out and some help would be appreciated.
I recently made a post about my heart rate being elevated for seemingly no reason, and going into tachycardia unprovoked. This has sort of been written off to stress/pain, and the combination of issues that I’m having at the moment (GERD and a strain to the muscles around both rotator cuffs) mimick a heart attack or a pulminary embolism very closely. The anxiety doesn’t help matters, either, but someone answered the post I made, and it actually helped my heart rate to stay lower, as he told me that the elevation was not alarming, and most likely due to the stress and the pain.
However, starting on Christmas, I’ve been having breast tenderness, and an odd bruise-like shape on the left side of my left breast. The pain went away for most of yesterday, only to return in the evening with a tight, burning sensation in the middle of my chest, which I attributed to GERD. This morning, I woke up with very intense pain behind my left breast, like directly behind it, pressure on the left side of my torso, and discomfort under the bottom of my rib cage. My clothing feels heavy, and I keep fussing with it, taking it away from my skin. The pain changes in intensity depending on my bodily position, which is a good sign from what I understand, but I’m really scared. I’m looking for someone who has experienced this, or has an idea, or a nurse or former nurse to tell me what this could possibly be, if I should be worried, etc. I am going to the doctor, but he doesn’t have official appointments open for today, and I’m really freaked out, home by myeslf, just need some reassurance or to know if I absolutely need to go to the ER (which I don’t want to do, I’m already in debt due to medical bills from going and being told that nothing is wrong). Please help me I’m so scared, I know that a Yahoo questions forum is not the best place for medical advice, but I have no where else to turn. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your posts, both of you!
My doctor was able to squeeze me in for today, in about a half an hour. It really sounds like a panic attack, doesn’t it? Trouble is, I’ve never had a panic attack last a full day, let alone three. That’s why I’m not in a hot bath with a book trying to calm down. I feel a little calmer now, as I’ve eaten a meal and that made the central pain subside a little (yeah, GERD is so fun). I wrote a list of things to tell the doc, every tiny detail, and I will get this figured out once and for all so I can stop panicking on message boards and feeling stupid for doing it. Thanks again!

jennmill answers:

Take alprazolam 2mg at night

Chris asks…

Savannah Monitor doesn’t shed properly?

My Savannah Monitor was bought by me from a pet store who obviously did not care for him right (It is kind of what I call rescuing). I have had him for a little while now, about three months, and he is only about 5-7 inches long. He is still a baby. Right now I have him in a custom built cage, and he seems healthy. For a little while when I had him, he seemed unhealthy and very inactive. I got him back up on his feet and he seems like he got a lot healthier. But one problem still wont go away. He has not shed properly sense I got him. Time kept passing and he never shed and I have recently been noticing that. It seems like he simply just wont shed. When I give him a bath, almost every other day because of his shed problem, shed always comes off. It is in like very small pieces, in very small amounts every time. It looks like he is perfectly normal by just looking at him (except for a random spot on his head where it is obvious there was retained shed, but I fixed that with shed aid spray I bought from the pet store), but when I gently rub him all around his body, it kind of flakes off in very small amounts. (Mostly on his tail) The shed aid kind of helped getting a little bit more shed off, not really not too much. I have also noticed under his neck, like on his throat, there is a lighter color skin the rest of the underside. Little parts of it did come off with the spray, but it is still not really helping. Also, the very tip of his tail is a much darker color then the rest of his body, is this part “dead”? (I hope not!) He looks perfectly normal just by looking at him. But when he gets a bath, the shed problem becomes relatively apparent. Also, I do remember seeing a little piece of shed sticking out on his tail the first day I brought him home, really too small to notice but I did. I didn’t really think much of it at the time. The humidity in the cage is like in the sixties, but it become hard to control because the heat lamps bake the topsoil substrate dry. So honestly I have to admit it is usually 54%, and returns there after a little while of just misting the cage down.

P.S. Although he is still a bit too small, in like a month or two I am going to build a 8×2 cage for him. It will have a lot deeper substrate (for burrowing) and a fogger to help with the humidity. So no drastic changes can be made to this temporary cage, because he will be moving out soon. His cage right now is made out of wood. I just really need advice on what to do for his shed problem (at least I think it is one anyways?)

If I cannot get any decent answers I will have to join a monitor forum to ask, so please help me out.

jennmill answers:

You should join a monitor forum anyways. They are great sources of info from experienced handlers. But, in the mean time I might be able to shed some light on your problem. Savannahs grow so fast that they are constantly shedding. Shedding problems arise from a number of things either low humidity, improper diet, or wrong temps. Sounds to me like your humidity should be fine. Around 60-70% is ideal. So you should look at diet and temps. There is a lot of info on these 2 subjects. So visit this link for more info. Http:// This is the most complete guide to savannahs I have found, many experienced handlers swear by it. You should also get started on a large cage now. My sav grew to 24 inches in the first year. You will eventually need a 4x8x4 cage. But, bigger is always better. Mine is 4x6x6 with 18 inches of substrate. I should have gone 8 feet long. But, I decided to go taller and give my sav more climbing room. Good luck.

John asks…

Severe anxiety due to bad body odor and yes I shower daily & use deodorant. What else can I do 2 get rid of it?

Sorry this is gross and also TMI but it’s my personal experience. Ok I guess I’ve had this problem for years but was only made painfully aware of it in 1997 when a co-worker said in front of everyone, ‘At least I don’t smell like butt like someone here’ and she looked straight at me and just about everyone in the restaurant (where I worked) started laughing. I didn’t even realize I had b.o. until then. Well I’m a very hygienic person who cares about her appearance & cares what people think about her. I shower daily, sometimes even twice a day if it’s hot outside. I use antibacterial Dial soap & Arrid XX deodorant. – Ive tried switching to different soaps / deos but my skin is sensitive & I wind up getting rashes or skin irritation w/ other brands so I have to stick w/ the Dial & Arrid. I also wear a little perfume but not too much because I’ve heard nothing’s worse than having b.o. mixed with tons of perfume. Ok well I’ve tried just about everything I can think of externally to smell good & so I’m thinking it must be internal because when the co-worker commented on my odor that day, I’d been starting to have digestive issues, constipation at the time. I suffered for years w/ the chronic constipation digestive issues & have seen many doctors. I’ve been given tons of Rx meds & nothing’s really helped w/ digestion issues. I’ve mentioned the odor issue, but doctors just brush it off or say they don’t notice it & concentrate on the digestive issues. In 2004 I was diagnosed as having gallbladder problems (my gb was full of gallstones and was very inflamed) & so I had to have my gallbladder removed. I was relieved when I got this diagnosis becuz I thought, this is what was causing all my issues, the digestive issues as well as the b.o. but as soon as I recovered from the gallbladder removal, I tried to go to the grocery store & I got dirty looks and rude comments from many people inside the store when I’d stand next to them so I knew the odor issue was still there. My anxiety is so severe because of it, so much so that I’m pretty much housebound now. I even found a job I can do from home just to try and be independent again but I’m still not 100% independent & I still have to rely on my family everyonce in a while. I’m also definitely not happy this way. I only go out when I absolutely have to or when I make another doctor’s apptmt. Just last year, I was diagnosed as having IBS. I’ve been reading up on it in forums & have found that IBS usually causes foul odors to come from the body either through the sufferers breath and / or skin. I really need help for this as I miss my old life & hate being this way. Idk what else to do. Can anyone give any advice please? Maybe if you have IBS too could you let me know some ways to relieve IBS symptoms, especially the bad b.o.? Thanks in advance and sorry so gross.

jennmill answers:

I’m sure you’re correct that the problem is an internal one. Do pursue getting on top of the IBS. But in the meantime, I’d encourage you to start taking digestive enzymes with your meals and activated charcoal supplements. The enzymes will help your body digest your food more efficiently which will decrease odors and the charcoal actually absorbs any residual odors as food/waste passes through your body.

Good luck.

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