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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice Uk

Jenny asks…

skin care regime / product advice?

I have combination skin (oily in some places, dry in others) also, I have quite large pores and i’m prone to breakouts, can anyone recommend a really good product range (cleanser, toner, moisturiser) that they swear by? (available in the UK) thanks.

jennmill answers:

Arbonne makes a self adjusting regime for your skin –
it will be available in the Fall over there – (it is worth the wait)
it’s pure and natural – and will help your large pores.
Worth mentioning. Otherwise do not use products that contain mineral oils.

Sharon asks…

Where in the UK can you buy bulk Aloe Vera Gel?

This is needed for help with our own skin care range, when we usually buy litres of rose water or other ingredients (5 usually) per time.

We are struggling to find this so any advice or help would be appreciated..

jennmill answers:

I found this link in UK. They are selling aloe vera gels with various flavors;jsessionid=B61CFE057C03110EF91332B961FB7D8F?categoryName=Drinks+R&task=shopCategory

Lizzie asks…

Skincare brands for combination skin types?

what skin care brand is best for combination skin types??? im 19 years old… and from uk so cant get a hold of some of brands that people have been talkin about on here!! but i was thinkin about tryin clarins or clinique could u plz reply with ur advice on these brands!! have heard both good an bad things bout each just dont kno which would b the best for my skin type!!! …as both are fairly expensive, i would appreciate your advice b4 i go ahead an buy either!! if u kno of any other better brands available in uk please let me kno if u think they are any good!! thanks! x x

jennmill answers:

If you have SK II in UK, thats the best brand i know for combination skin (worked for me).

Robert asks…

Where can I find a good determalogists in the Uk – London, or Colchester, essex.?

I have many skin problems that i want to discuss with a determalogist (cant spell it). I have lo of dark spots on my face, stretch marks, dry skin and more. im 20 years old and i want to start taking better care of myself but i need some advice.

Does anyone know of any good determalogist that they can recommend.
Thanks xx

jennmill answers:

Go to a doctor & ask to be refered

Ruth asks…

what beauty tips do you like best? Any advice?

I want to improve my physcial apearance. I never really thought about it until recently and realised that there is so much I could be doing. I am a girl so I should be doing things that girls do right? So I want some kind of advice if you guys don’t mind giving it.
Right now I am doing these:

I go to the gym at least 3 times a week in order to lose weight (I have lost 28lbs so far!)

I am eating healthy and not eating junk.

I am starting to do a skin care routeen which includes 3 diffirent products. I’m wondering if anyone can recomend a mosturising lotion I can get here in the UK.

I have started wearing eye makeup every day and I am getting my hair cut into a nice style at the end of the month. I am going to get some new clothes soon too and I’m going to bag all my nasty clothes.

Any other advice?

jennmill answers:

I’m impressed. You’re not just concentrating on makeup and clothes.
Congratulations on the weight loss and healthy eating. It sounds like you’re making lots of changes.
The only thing I would add is to be patient with yourself, love yourself and don’t be afraid to be confident. Be PROUD of your accomplishments!

I don’t reside in the UK, so I couldn’t recommend a moisturizer. It really depends on your skin type. You might ask the salesperson at the cosmetic counter what she would recommend.

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