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Your Questions About Skin Care Advice

Mark asks…

What is the best skin care advice?

What is the BEST skin care advice that you’ve ever received to clear up acne? The best products, the best home remedies, the best daily activities, I want to know them all! Thanks so much to everybody in advance.

jennmill answers:

Besides washing your face morning and night (no sleeping in make-up!), toning, and moisturizing, the best advice I had was to see a dermatologist. I was given a prescription that cleared up my skin problems (acne during pregnancy) like a charm.

The best “trick” I ever heard of was for a spot treatment. Pure tea tree oil applied with a cotton swab. Hold it on the blemish until it starts to feel cold (a good 60 seconds). If you do this at night, it will dry up by morning, but the bump might still be there. Careful though, this can be very drying. Only apply it to the blemish.

Sharon asks…

What is the best skin-care advice for an 18 year old girl?

I mostly get blackheads and the odd pimple or two every once in a while. My skin gets both dry and oily, and I just want to know what I can do to take care of it.
Does moisturizing cause it to be more oily?

jennmill answers:

Too much washing or scrubbing the skin harshly can make acne worse. And washing away surface oils doesn’t do much to prevent or cure acne, because it forms under the skin. The best way to clean the face is to gently wash it twice a day with a mild soap or cleanser. Be careful to remove make-up without harsh scrubbing.

Maria asks…

Who is better for skin care advice…a facialist or a dermatologist?

I have never been to either but I have heard dermatologists give the same advice to everyone and sometimes it helps but usually it doesn’t. I have a friend who gets a facial once a month and recommended a skin care line for her skin type. It apparently works wonders. So…any advice?

jennmill answers:

A facialist is geared more toward making your look younger, healthier, and more pretty where a dermatologist is geared toward diagnosing skin problems like acne, moles, warts, or skin cancer.

Robert asks…

What is some good skin care advice to get clear skin?

i have been using Biore Foaming face wash every night and rubbing alcohol on it every morning and every night. and i use this treatment thing that if you rub it on the spot on ur face where you break out the most it dries it and prevents breakouts. but the thing is, every time i get rid of zits i get new ones. i is 14 and everyone i know has clear skin. what facewash do i need to buy? skin care treatment? what kind? does proActive work? any little techniques that really work? 10 points to the most informative and truthful one! thanx—–

jennmill answers:

ProActive is good, really, what works about it is the Benzoyl Peroxide, so if you can find a lotion with 2.5% (or so) benzoyl peroxide you can continue to use whatever face wash you like and just apply the lotion w/o having to buy the whole proactive line.

John asks…

Does anyone have any skin care advice?

i have acne everywhere.
expecially around my period.
im sick of it.
does anyone have any skin care advice that will get rid of my acne.
something cheap and amazingly useful.

jennmill answers:

Om ghtis stuuf i heaven but it might dry u out so i recommend a mousturizer =]

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