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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Brand

William asks…

Which skin care brand is better to use for dry/sensitive skin? Lancome, Mac, or Estee Lauder?

jennmill answers:

I have sensitive skin and I had an allergic reaction to Lacome skin care products. I haven’t tried Mac, but for years I have loved the results of Estee Lauder.

Jenny asks…

What is the best drug store brand skin care for a 30 year old staring to get wrinkles and still having acne?

I am almost 30 and starting to see a few fine lines I use sunscreen everday and neutrogena products for acne but really need to start something to prevent aging. I have sensitive skin, very breakout prone and am allergic to fragrance. THANKS

jennmill answers:

We have a revolutionary exfoliating glove called the Magic Peeling Glove®. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE DEAD SKIN COMING OFF when you use it!! It is 100% natural and works on acne, age spots, sun spots, rosacea and even cellulite. It makes your skin softer and more radiant than ever! Please visit our website at for more information including a product demonstration.

Joseph asks…

URGENT. What is THE best drug store skin care system/brand/ product ever for teens?

My skin gets dry and irritated if I use salasyllic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Please dont recommend anything that is not good for sensitive skin. I also get white heads, black heads, and occasional cysts. I just want an even skin tone without the gross add ons. Having a good idea of what brand/brands are best will help me get started… Thanks!!! (:

jennmill answers:

Alchemilla skin care products are good for you. Cause they are all natural products. No toxic stuff. You can get more infomation from here.


Sandy asks…

What set of facial care treatment is good for sensitive skin?

I want to use, facial wash,f.scrub, make-up cleanser, toner, anti-aging anything that make my face better with just one brand because im afraid of using different brands the worsts is i got sensitive skin.

jennmill answers:

O god i love Clean and Clear. I used to use it.. Im actually going tomorrow to get it. Its like 9.99 at ur local pharmacy. After i stopped useing it most of my pimples came bak! D;

Mark asks…

What is a good Korean cosmetic brand for sensitive skin?

I was wondering between Etude House, Innisfree, Missha, and etc. what are the benefits to each company and which one is good for sensitive, slightly blemished with little acne and oily/dry face? Which BB Cream is good for that type of face and what cleanser/toner is good and how would I use it, is there steps? Please help, I’m new to makeup and new to Korean cosmetic but I would like to use their face products to heal my skin and use their BB Cream, I don’t mean makeup like eye liner, I mean skin care products (cleansing, toner, cream, lotion, etc)

jennmill answers:

Try etude house’s website
they have alot of cosmetics & info
atleast that’s what i’ve heard (;
i personally use skinfood bb cream
& it’s really good for sensitive skin!

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