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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Products

Mary asks…

What are some good skin care products for people with sensitive skin & mild rosacea?

jennmill answers:

I think your best bet is to go with someone on the natural side. Don’t try products are have too many chemicals in them as that could make your skin worse!!

Try aveeno products, moisturizers!

Ruth asks…

Is neutrogena skin care products suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin?

jennmill answers:

They are quite strong I think, but it’s worth a try. If you find they make your skin too dry you could always use a moisturiser from a different brand as well.

Maria asks…

My skin is breaking out ?? need some sensitive skin products for face ?

i used clean and clean for sensitive skin but its just not strong enough, but the regular kind is too powerful, so any skin care products you can recommend ?
going through puberty and i’m 12 years oldd
imma girl

jennmill answers:

My little sister is 11 years old, we once went to the beach and she got sun burns, which obviously caused her skin to break out, I had passed through that before and I had been using “Acid Mantle” which is a great lotion if you can find it. Anything that has similar excipients will help, I can tell you it didn’t heal in a minute but it took ’bout 5 days and came up with great results.

Thomas asks…

So many skin care products, I need help?!?

I am currently using Neutrogena products and I have little skin colored (barely visible) bumps on my cheeks and under my chin. They are not pimples and they are not itchy, but they make my skin feel rough. I was looking into Olay products and it seems like they have a lot of stuff to choose from. My skin is sensitive and I have redness on my cheeks. I was looking at Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin online, as well as some of their sensitive skin lotions. Has anybody dealt with Olay sensitive skin products? How did you like them? Thanks for everyone’s input!

jennmill answers:

I have use them and they work great and they have affordable price why not tried it, if you don’t see results try cleanser for sensitive skin also works great.

Betty asks…

What would be the best skin care products for me?

I have quite combination type skin. oily on some parts and normal/dry on others.
i use products for sensitive skin atm but they are not working for me. does any one know good products i could use daily?

jennmill answers:

Purpose is a good and pretty cheap pH-balanced cleanser. I have combo/acne prone skin and use this along with organic honey every few days to exfoliate. I use Eucerin with SPF to moisturize, but ONLY in dry areas and under my eyes, not all over, since it could make skin oilier.

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