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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Reviews

Lizzie asks…

ZA true white skin care reviews?

Hello, heard that this range can help in whitening and to heal/diminish acne scars and spot.

was wondering whether is should get the daytime/night-time moisturiser and essence? will it be ‘too much’ for my sensitive skin to handle? or which is the 1 product u would recommend in the range? i have a prescribed facial wash and lotion & a mountain of masks at home alry though.

my skin is sensitive but due to dehydration which im using laneige’s water bank range (but not entirely).
im having oily skin and breakouts due to lack of water .. an imbalance.
but i wanted a product to treat my acne scars and lighten the few spots that i have and heard that ZA true white does a good job for its price.

so any recommendations before i purchase?


jennmill answers:

Za products contain quite a lot of alcohol (top 4 ingredients) so i don’t quite think you should use too many of it at the same time since you have sensitive skin. Some of the products in the true white range are effective, like the essence and the mask, you may want to search for reviews online. I heard the moisturisers (i.e. The day/night creams) aren’t exactly effective.
By the way, i don’t think this range treats spots. Za products aren’t quite known for treating spots, you may want to try other brands. The true white essence works well for lightening scars for some people. But well, it does different things to different people. I have sensitive acne-prone skin and the Za true white products don’t work on me, for you info.
Hope that helps 🙂

Helen asks…

good products for acne prone sensitive skin during the summer?

now that it is summer, my face has broken out and i look TERRIBLE! all over my forehead and the sides of my cheeks – ugh! and it is frustrating cuz during my spring semester my face was relatively controlled and i only used soap, water and lotion. sadly the heat of summer is really doing terrible things to my face.

i can’t use proactiv cuz i am sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. so i did some research and saw great reviews for “on a clear day skin care system”. unfortunately it is way out of my budget – $65. O_O

i decided to settle for “on a clear day all over acne treatment” but that is $22 and a little high for just a 1 oz tube.

my question is: do you know any all over acne treatments that is good for my skin type and like the on a clear day line but CHEAPER!

thanks a bunch! 🙂

jennmill answers:

Please, try Cetaphil! It is only about $8 for a bottle of facewash that will typically last you 1-2 months! Buy the wash for normal to oily skin, and use it frequently, by that I mean once in the morning, afternoon and before bed. I read in an article once to make sure your face has water on it before you apply the facewash, this will reduce irritation of just applying a product on dry skin.

I would avoid the other big name brands, like Clean and Clear or Neutrogena, they have always tended to irritate my skin.

How you wash your face is very important. Remember these words: Strong moves slow. When you wash your face use circular motions and massage your entire face and neck. Rinse and pat dry. Be very gentle. It takes time to heal.

I know where you are coming from because I have dealt with acne my entire life and now still struggle with it in my early adult years. One thing I will tell you is to find a treatment and stick with it. I am currently using Cetaphil and take 100mg a day of Doxycycline. Talk to a dermatologist for a mild prescription to get your process going, it will help. My doctor recommended to use the Neutrogena spot treatment to help with individual spots.

Pay attention to the foods you eat, it is a myth that foods do not affect your skin. Just think of how your skin feels after you eat an apple versus eating a greasy meal, or even a sugary candy bar. Think of how great you feel after a workout too! Swimming has saved my life, it makes your skin feel amazing. Check out a local pool if you can!

I really hope this has helped you! Just remember this is a road to recovery!

Paul asks…

regular or organic skin care products? thanks in advance!?

i was going to go buy avalon organics vitamin c products, but have heard good reviews on the L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. which one?

jennmill answers:

Cleansers with tea tree oil works great

Jenny asks…

acne skin care products from sephora! please help!!?? 10 points best answer!?

ok so i just got bare escentuals in order to conceal my mild acne. i also want to purchase a skin care treatment to go with it.
my skin is dry,extremely sensitive yet i still get pimples, usually around the t-zone..but its weird because at times it looks greasy and flaky at the same time.
Ive noticed that products with benzoyl peroxide leave my skin looking worse.
Ive noticed many good reviews for these brands, please any users please tell me what you think about each product. which is better? tell me about your experience!!

PHILOSOPHY for congested skin:
PHILOSOPHY for acne:
Boscia Clear Complexion Kit:
Murad Acne System:

if there are other great products, please tell!
please and thank you!!

jennmill answers:

I have tried murad and it worked when I stayed on the regimen of twice a day every day. You can’t get lazy with any skin care regimen though… Consistency is key to beautiful skin.

FYI though – bare escentuals has an ingredient known to exacerbate sensitive/reactive skin so pay attention to any irregularities with your skin. I would advise you to change one thing at a time… Start with the make up to see how your skin reacts over a couple of weeks. If everything goes well then experiment with skin care products. Arbonne, Pevonia and Repechage are great products if you can afford it – it’s about the same as Sephora would offer I think. If you decide to look into any of these please feel free to e-mail me. Skin care is my passion.

Chris asks…

facial moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup for acne prone mature skin, any suggestion?

I am 30 year old with medium color sensitive/acne prone skin. Couldn’t use sunscreen or moisturizer or any makeup on face till now, always gets pimple with them. But now i see signs of aging like enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, few bleakheads, clogged pores, oily T-zone but dry elsewhere, under eye circle etc. Want to use some products those can help with mature skin issues without giving me pimples. I read as many reviews as i can for Bliss, Serious Skin care, Continuously Clear, Clinique, Wei East, Italian Bath & Body Skin Care (hsn) ….but can’t decide. Also need help in choosing makeup (may be mineral but which one?). I would prefer less products as i have sensitive skin that can easily break out.
Is there anyone who has same skin like me and can suggest some good products? or anyone who has knowledge plz help.

jennmill answers:

I think that you should exfoliate your skin. Exfoliators are grainy and sandy, but they’re hard to find in the store but you could easily find them on the internet. You just rub the solution on your face in a gentle, circular motion. This helps to clear your skin, taking bad stuff out and unclogging pores. It also helps to soften skin and make it glow. I think you should try it for your acne.
For the sunscreen and moisturizer, try the Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. It’s a good moisturizer and sunscreen in one and it evens the skin. All natural, too. (don’t wear foundation and/or cover-up when you don’t have to)
I’m not exactly sure about what you should use for your acne, but for makeup, keep it simple with neutral colours, light eye shadow and some mascara, eyeliner maybe. Look for products in the store that are natural and not animal tested. 🙂
Hope I helped somehow!

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