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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Tips

Betty asks…

need skin care tips for sensitive skin….help really in neeeeed?

as next wk is Diwali so i really need to do something for my skin as this my 1st diwali after marriage and i have really very sensitive skin type. and next month is my 1st wedding anniversary.
last week i have used some peel off mask, did massage all…but nothing work..n even next day i was looking red and little patchy and more gown scars…
so disappointed what to do. which facial…plzzz help..???
for cleansing i use Revlon absolute C for my skin and face wash nivea for normal-mix skin type. i have combination skin. i have noticed that scrub and doesn’t suits on my skin. milk cause some small acne on my skin specially on chicks n forehead. thanks everyone for ur comment

jennmill answers:

If your skin is dry, try using a salt and water mix for peeling the skin, and… This might sound strange.
But common lubricant (yes, lubricant!) may do WONDERS for your skin, shaving mousse also makes your skin soft and nice, any mousse created for men should do, since they are made to be used in the face, to cover up the smell, just was with regular soap.

Carol asks…

Any skin care tips for 13 y.o with acne prone and oily and sensitive skin?

Also i wears mineral foundation everyday and sometime i exercise with make up on. is that bad

jennmill answers:

Here are some causes and tips that I followed that treated my acne:

Clogged pores or follicles – Acne is caused by clogged “pores” or “follicles” small openings in the skin, that contain a hair and sebaceous oil gland. The medical term, “acne vulgar is” is the most common kind of acne. It can show up anywhere on the body but it is usually found on the face, back, shoulders, and chest. Follicles become clogged by dead skin cells and oil called sebum, made in the pore.

Try to avoid things that can irritate your skin and cause acne such as:

1. Tight headbands, helmets or wool hats
2. Greasy lotions, hair products, and oily makeup
3. Grease-filled air in restaurant kitchens. If you work in this type of environment, be sure to wash your face when you get home.
4. Stress. When you are emotionally stressed your body makes extra hormones that can cause breakouts.

Let me know if this was helpful! 🙂

Mark asks…

I need facial stuff and skin care tips?

I’d ask in Skin/Body, but no one will answer, since I never answer there.

So, I started school a few weeks ago, and my skin has really turned bad because I’ve been so stressed out and I haven’t had time or energy to do any good skin care, and I need some major face stuff and stuff for skin in general. Help, anyone?

I just need a small list of some cleansers, masks, scrubs, toners, and moisterizers/lotions for sensitive skin. I’ve heard that the St. Ives stuff works well. Your opinion? I don’t need a huge list. Also, what are some good skin care tips that don’t involve too much.

Thank you. 🙂
Wow. I got a lot more answers then I thought I would. Thanks everyone!!! 🙂

jennmill answers:

St. Ives really does work.
Neutrogena, I believe? Has an oil-free moisturizer. The “top” of mine is orange, if that helps.
I don’t use much apart from those two.

EDIT: Clean & Clear products are a hit or miss, or at least to me.
One of their products is great when my face is really oily, but otherwise, it’s too harsh & removes too much.
The only one I trust no matter what is the pimple cream thing. I can’t think of the name. It comes in a small tube & is usually about 5 bucks.

You didn’t name this, but oil strips/oil-blotting strips, which I believe are by Clean & Clear too, are great for during the schoolday. It removes excess oil without smudging anything.

Laura asks…

Any good tips for skin care?

I have fairly sensitive skin, and I have been breaking out a lot lately. I have tried pretty much everything from simply washing with Dove soap to using Proactive, however, I have had no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a product that works particularly well? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

jennmill answers:

I always used to have skin problems and I also tried just about everything… Some things worked better than others, but most either didn’t work for long, or were simply too much effort or money. So, one day I finally decided to go see a dermatologist. The copay was about 60 dollars or something and that was the worst of it. He looked at my face, determined my skin type and what it needed, then prescribed me some medicine. I have naturally dry skin so he gave me a special prescription lotion and also a pill that I take every night. The medicine itself is only around 10 dollars! It was completely worth it… I was zit free after only a week without oily or dry skin side effects and the medicine is light and simple… Nothing that messes with your hormones.

Some of the tips he gave me were to make sure I didn’t go to bed with makeup on, to not put lotion on my face (lotion actually clogs your pores and causes zits to increase), and to only wash with something simple like dial soap. He told me that it’s one of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy all these heavily advertised brands of soaps, lotions, etc to keep your face clean. They come with all sorts of ingredients that only hurt your face.

Dial soap, no lotion, and a cheap prescription from a one time visit to a good doctor will do the trick. Good luck, sweetie!

Linda asks…

Dry Flaky skin? Any makeup or skin care tips?

So im usually great at skin care and makeup, its my ‘thing’ but this time im stunned. So I have quite dry skin and i have been using a lacura mousturiser, ive used it before when the company was called sianna but theyve obviously changed the ingridinets as i think its making me break out, i have been using a diffrent one for a few days and its been a bit better. I think Im going to start using the forever living (aloe) hand and face wash and propolis mousturiser (or one of the mousturisers) because i tried my sisters and there gentle and good. But when i apply my makeup it goes all flaky on my skin and it shows the dry skin but i exfoliate and before i put on the makeup i cant see the dryness then when i put it on i can, i even mix my foundation with mousturiser and its no better! I dont know what foundation to use, any recommendation i will pay alot for one also. Any tips aswell.
BTW: Im only 12 :L and i dont wear too much makeup, i have very sensitive skin also. thanks x

jennmill answers:

Do not exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week as this causes skin to get more dry, i would recommend johnsons hydrating day face cream as well as rehydrating night cream they are pretty good and are also ph balanced :). Also you need to lay of the foundation until your skin improves as the chemicals in the make up are causin you skin to become dryer also.
Hope i helped.

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