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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Uk

Helen asks…

Help with skincare routines?

I’m 23 years old and until recently have had quite simple skin to maintain – Just needed some baby wipes to remove makeup and a bit of Simple moisturiser, perhaps exfoliating wipes once a month to refresh. All I needed in the morning was a bit of concealer for my under-eye circles, no foundation, and I’m ready to go.

Recently I’ve noticed my skin has been a little more troublesome – it’s more patchy, dry and spot prone. My regular moisturiser does not seem to be rich enough, but other ‘normal’ moisturisers are too rich for my sensitive skin and make my skin rough and sore.

I’ve realised I need to take on a new skin care routine now I’m getting older but don’t know anything!

I don’t get this whole ‘Cleanse, tone and moisturise’ malarkey, let alone when you throw in even fancier things like ‘pre-cleansers’! Do I need to be doing them? Why? Where does this sit in with makeup removal? Will it suit my sensitive skin?

I have several sample bottles ofcleanserr and toner fromLancomee (from when I bought my concealer), but would anyonerecommendd any other good brands – preferably not tooexpensivee and something I can buy from the uk high street.


jennmill answers:

Well I’m only 17 but when I went to have a facial recently I was told my skincare routine was pretty good and that I have really good skin, so here’s what I do:

Wash makeup off with a cleansing makeup remover wipe (usually Simple ones) and get off stubborn eye makeup with Simple eye makeup remover
Cleanse every night with a Clean & Clear cleanser ( which is really good on my sensitive skin
Two/three times a week I use a Clearasil deep cleansing face scrub ( but if I use it more often than three times a week it can make my skin quite dry
Then whenever I use the face scrub I moisturise with a Simple moisturiser (
Every night when I go to bed I smother my lips in Vaseline, because it gives it time to soak in overnigt and make them nice and soft
If I ever get spot breakouts I use a Clearasil pad that reduces redness and spot size really quickly and effectively – my beautician put me onto them and they’re really good. My mum uses them sometimes too and they work just as well for her

Hope I was able to help

Ruth asks…

Any tips for first time epilating?

I have really sensitive skin and I can’t wax because I get a rash afterwards. I usually just shave but it never lasts so I was thinking of trying epilation. This is the epilator I am thinking of buying: Do you think this will be a good epilator? Are you supposed to use any lotion before or after using it and if so, what kind would be best for very sensitive skin? Do you have to use it straight after you come out of the bath?

jennmill answers:

Hi there, I have epilated for years now, it does hurt at first but you get used to it in time and its soooo worth it.
I find it best to epilate on dry skin, no cream and pull your leg taught with your free hand. Just go slowly until you get used to the feel of it, the way your skin is afterwards is brilliant. I started with legs but now do underarms and moustache too!
It seems to hurt about the same for me, whether I do it after a bath or at any other time makes no difference, but find out whats best for you.
Once you get used to it you will never ever shave again. I also have the epilator you have chosen, its very good.
A lot of people give up on it but you wont regret it and will be doing it really quickly (about every 4 weeks) once you get used to it. Good luck.

Joseph asks…

How am i supposed to put up or cope with peoples aloof behaviour towards me & feeling alienated from society ?

i exist alone, living in a one bedroom flat on disability benefits in england- i feel ostracised and alienated from society.

i have no one except an aging mother whos always stood by me and done her best for me, shes 58 now and cant get up to see me like she once did.

i have alot of aggression problems that ive improved with all by myself over the years…..i used to have rage outbursts in public that i didnt plan, but comes from years of severe bullying.

ive basically had a horrifically hard life, missed out on forming ‘ any ‘ relationships with anyone…….. missed out on ever being employed or gaining any qualifications………missed out on an education..

im extremely lonely, abandoned….forgotten about by society……i sit in my apartment every night and no one seeks me out, tells me im worth something……..its like i dont matter to anyone in society.

i feel people are aloof and standoffish to me like they were to me in the past , like no one wants to know me..

i feel stigmatised as somebody to avoid because of my criminal mental past and rage problems….

no one to phone….no one to phone me… one to turn to….a tormented, disadvantaged past..

i feel angry at people with happy lives, jealous, aggressive , it represents everything ive never had..

im 30 now, i own nothing….live on disability…..have a dusty old pathetic computer…… carpets on the floor…..have borderline personality disorder and ptsd.

wait for therapy……..have torn ankle ligaments an injured ankle…..was told it will take a while to heal.

ive aged prematurly in my face..

have physical imperfections : 2 missing teeth – front bottom row- saving for dental treatment- cant afford anything right now.

this happened after i headbutted a wall years ago through anger.

cracked, broken skin , tears in the skin ‘ covering ‘ the ‘ head ‘ of my penis,
an itchy, smelly sweaty scrotum, im waiting to see a dermatologist, she doesnt know what it is or wether the cracks can be cleared yet.

the tears and cracks dont hurt, but the skin is sensitive and looks terrible, all broken cracked skin covering my penis discoloration of the head part.

i know its nothing sexually infection because i was checked out at the clinic months ago..

my little finger is crooked and droops over due to an injury years ago.

my only goalsin life is to attain a good paying computer job….to live a peaceful life near the coast…… leave england…….to find a loving partner….to eventually live in spain or another part of europe.

but tell me in my position, at 30, starting from zero, how will i do that ?

im despairing right now.

its like no one cares about me and societies moved on and left me behind.

people reject me, especially girls because i have major low self esteem…..i get clingy….expect to much to soon……dont no how to maintain a conversation.

theres this rusian girl on my messenger list, ive spoke to twice…..she seems nice…..but im scared to go talk to her again incase she rejects me because of how iam.

with all this, and in general ; what am i going to do ?

people have treated me aloofly and standoffishly for years now like their conveying the message im below them and that theyre rejecting me..

like theres a STIGMA that follows me around. and im being SOCIALLY EXCLUDED from society.

people treat me like a sad charity case and convey i would only be accepted because society would feel soory for me..

i get spoken down to, belittled, condescended….prople….females, shop workers , authority figures are all aloof with me.

i have severe low self esteem which means im constantly rejected….i get clingy…act desperate…….then people back away from me.

im so angry right now…..i just want to emigrate from the uk, with a good paying job…..thats it.

ive suffered this shht all my life

jennmill answers:


From what you have said I can see a lot of your BPD traits are getting you down like fear or rejection, feeling paranoid, lost self steem, being clingy etc but ot doesn’t have to be this way.

You have had so many answers for this question in the past but nothing has helped you, you don’t seem to be able to see any light, yet you admit you have a great mother (58 is not old), you’ve fought your rage problems along and you are surviving..thats something to be proud off.

You need to draw some sort of line and leave the past behind you because your anger from it is just going to continue to rule you’re life. You have to ignore those who you feel stigmatised by because it’s their problem and their ignorance, it’s nothing to do with you. You say you have body problems but so do many of us and it doesn’t stop you from moving on.

I get the feeling you fear getting better or moving on because nothing has changed in your life in months since you started posting this question. I don’t want to sound really hard on you but if you go into counselling or the treatment you are waiting on and do not even try to make progress they won’t be able to work with you. I know its horrible but no one else can fix it, only you, yes people can help you and suport you but it’s you that has to take action.

Why not geta part time job for extra cash, think about doing up your flat so you like it more, look at your local technical college for a course that might interest you and get those qualifications you need for the job you want and make small steps towards your goals because otherwise they aren’t goals they are pipedreams that your never going to get, only because you haven’t tried for them.

You sound like you have had a hard life but it doesn’t have to remain that way in the furture..but you have to take the steps to do something to stop it!

Best of luck

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