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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin Uk

James asks…

Skin care product recommendations?

I need to find a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser & face wash for my face so I can sort out my skin as it’s pretty bad at the moment =[ I’ve got combination sensitive skin (I’ve had allergic reactions to clean & clear blackhead removal face wash stuff so I have to be careful about what I use)

Right now I only use Garnier skin naturals 3 in 1 face wash/scrub/mask & Simple exfoliating stuff.

Any good/recommended cleansers, toners, moisturisers & face wash for sensitive skin (in the UK please)?

Thank you =]

jennmill answers:

Use reversa, i use it for my face for acne and discoloration. My skin is clear as baby’s after 3 weeks of use. Plus Aloe exfoliator from body shop is for sensitive skin use that or either Vitamin C exfoliator.

Remember not to use face wash or cleanser everyday, it should be 2-3 times a week and rest of days just rinse your face with water and dry with a clean towel. Keep a separate towel for your face and change it every 2nd day. For blackheads……..when you come out of shower take a tissue paper or clean towel and slightly rub your skin. Since your skin is soft at that time they will come out and your skin would be shiny.
Hope it helps

Paul asks…

best skin care products for my skin type? please help?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you guys could help me with choosing the right skin care products for my skin type. FYI I never used any skin care products before. Next I live in the UK and I am quite tight on budget so no expensive stuff please

Ok so I have a combination skin where it is oily on the t-zone area and kind of dry on my cheeks. I also have the following acne types which are; black heads where I get it on my nose area most of the time it is quite noticeable. The other type of acne I have is papule/pimple (whatever they are called) all over my face and the problem is that when they disappear they leave scare and I ‘DON’T POP THEM’ honestly. Lastly I get whiteheads randomly mostly on my chin and nose area and sometimes on my forehead.

So there you go that’s how my skin is also I think I kind of have sensitive skin I am not sure. One more things if any of you guys have prescription medicine that helped treat your acne could you also mention that, I will really appreciate that.

This is kind of what I am looking for
•Toner/ exfoliate
•Face mask
•Eye cream

Thanks you xx xx
(sorry for my bad english i am learning)

jennmill answers:

Well, I can give you some natural remedies that worked for me better than any other skin care product : First of all, Try rubbing ice around ur face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Cold is good for your face and you will notice that your acne has been reducing in a very short time (about 1/2 weeks). Also, Do some steam baths before applying any product on your face, this will open your pores and help the product produce better effect. If you don’t know how to do steam baths, all you need is boiling water and a towel : Put ur face right in front of the hot water so you would feel the steam in your face and cover ur hair with a towel, make sure you do it for 5 mins, then rinse your face with cool water and apply your product. But I do advise you to rub onions on you face every night, they have a purifying effect and you will see that your acne and scar problems will soon disappear. Here’s another tip : THIS MADE WONDERS on my skin, it reduces scars, treats blemishes, redefines and unclog sporess, firms the skin, brighten, detox it andpurifyy it: You only need to mix 1 Teaspoon of CIDER vinegar *not regular vinegar, unless u want to burn your face*, 2 teaspoons of cooled-down green tea, 5 teaspoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey,stirr and add a final 2 teaspoons of sugar. Apply It on your face every 2-3 days, leave it for about 10-15 minutes and rince with cold water to close your pores. You can also make a toner to maximize the effects of this mask : you only need a little bottle, try puting like 3 tsps of Cide vinegar and 6 tsps off cooled down green tea, *If you have a really sensitive skin, add more green tea*, 1 teaspoon of Lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, shake it gentely so It would mix together, and put it after the mask. You will start seeing results after 2-3 weeks .

Ruth asks…

Help for dry skin – is it turning sensitive…plz help?

Hi, i have a dry skin – actually very dry skin. i moisturise it veyr well n i scrub it over the weekend. This regime has given me good healthy n glowing skin for quite some time now. However, I have just moved to the UK n its been my first experience with the cold chilly winds. Now, i’ve observed taht after scrubbing, my face breaks out …it becomes red n my skin peels!…..then, during the week, when i dun touch my skin apart from my day/night moisturiser n milk-honey face pack…it comes back to normal n starts to glow…..please tell me whether the weather has this effect on my skin? or should i not scrub?….or is my skin turing sensitive n that i shld not change my skin care products? plzzzz help…..

jennmill answers:

The weather is effecting your skin and as such as you might want to update your skin routine. If scrubbing makes you break out and peel, then stop and go with what works for you. Your skin is just adjusting to the environment, adjust yourself accordingly.

Donna asks…

I don’t know what products to use to take care of my Asian skin?

I’m confused with all of these potions and lotions for the face! Toners, day and night cream, exfoliating, face masks – they’re all so complicated! I have no idea which ones to use and how to use them, or if mixing here and there is a good idea at all!

I’m asian (with light coloured skin, yellow undertones) and my face is rather oily, has rather big pores, and it has a little bit of acne (I am 18) not only that, it’s sensitive to boot! It reddens VERY easily and stays red for awhile!

I’m at a loss for what to do and use. I live in the UK and don’t know many other Chinese females or people who know a lot about this.

I live in the generation where teenagers are so insecure about how they look. I see other asians around the UK and it makes me upset that they have such beautiful skin. 🙁

PS: I drink water
I have been using ‘Simple moisterising facewash for sensitive skin,’ though that stills dries my face out.

I rinse my face with cold water daily.

I sometimes use ‘Nivea Soft intensive moisturising cream’ before I go to bed.
Does anyone know any good ‘natural’ remedies for this type of skin? Mixture of foods etc?

jennmill answers:

I have VERY dry skin, with a few spots around the time when im Due on and I use simple moisterising facewash for sensitive skin in the morning, then i use the Simple light moisturiser. But in the evenings i use clearisil ultra deep cleansing wash (got stuff in which its should be very good with spots) then i use the same moisturiser again.
Hope it helps! :))

PS. Only use a little bit of the clearisil wash if your face is prone to irritation, but it should be fine, mine always is after i use it.

Sandy asks…

need a help!! I’ve been searching for a new Organic skin care but I can’t find it?

Hello! I’m in UK since 2 months, and I’m still here until the end of april!! but I have a little Problem.
I use an italian Organic product (only this one because I’m sensitive to Nichel and Preservatives) anyway! I’ve bought those treatments in Italy months ago, and now my treatment is finished! I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE IN ENGLAND 🙁 … please if you find something about OZONOcosmetics .. Argano3therapy (only England-Liverpool if possible Rope walks area or near or even far from the area but only liverpool because I can’t move) please, any pharmacist to help me???
thank you and sorry for the long question!!!
thank you Jose, even if I still need to buy the treatment ( because my skin is really sensitive and I can’t decide by myself) 🙁 … but thank you for trying to help me!

jennmill answers:

My wife use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream. These products made my wife’s skin even tone and smooth as if 10 yrs ago (we’re both 44). These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too. Try searching it through Google ‘shopaholic’s bargains’

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