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Your Questions About Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

John asks…

What is a good skin care system for acne prone sensitive skin?

I have very acne prone skin.
I break out a lot, everyday there seems to be a new pimple-_-
I also have sensitive skin, my skin itches or burns with a lot of harsh products..
I’ve used many systems such as clean and clear, proactive, murad, etc.
But none of them seem to work for me
I’m tired of having all this acne, it really plays with my self confidence, please help!

jennmill answers:

Here’s a question for you: When was the last time you changed your pillowcase?

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re tired of trying medication after medication to get rid of your acne. So, I found out about a different method that costs NOTHING (except the cost of doing laundry) and is incredibly simple.
Every single night, lay a freshly cleaned towel over your pillow before going to sleep. It doesn’t seem like it would do much, but your pillowcase actually soaks up a lot oil from your hair and skin, as well as dead skin cells. And you’re sticking your face in all that crap every night! If you have a clean surface to lay on, you’ll soon find that your breakouts will occur less frequently, if at all.
This helped rid me of my acne once and for all, as long as I keep laying a towel over my pillow. And I’m someone who’s had acne nonstop for about 8 years!

Try it. You have nothing to lose, and trust me, it will work.

Donald asks…

what is a good natural skin care routine for sensitive skin?

I’ve heard all these things about skin care routines (clean, tone, moisturize) but I’m not sure what I should use. I have very sensitive skin and very natural products work best. My skin does not get very oily or have a lot of acne, so I don’t need anything extreme. Ideas? Thanks!


jennmill answers:

The 1st step of your sensitive skin care routine is to remove eye make-up. Choose an eye make-up remover that is meant for sensitive skin.

* Pour some eye make-up remover on a cotton wool pad.
* Apply gently to remove all eye make-up.
* Dip a cotton bud in eye make-up remove and remove all last traces of stubborn eye make-up.

The 2nd step in your sensitive skin care routine is facial cleansing. Avoid soaps and facial washes. These will remove oil and moisture from the skin and increase your skin’s sensitivity.

Choose a hypoallergenic, light cleansing lotion instead.

Choose appropriate skin care products designed for your skin type. Eg Neutrogena And Clean And Clear Which I Use < Reeally Good Plus They Do Ones For Diffrent Skin Types OiIly Senitive Etc .

The 3rd step in your sensitive skin care routine is facial toning.

Avoid commercial facial toners totally. Even the mildest toner can cause the skin’s natural protection to breakdown.

Use the following steps to freshen up your face.

* Splash warm water on your face. This will help to remove all traces of facial cleanser and residual eye make-up remover from your skin.
* Use a soft towel to lightly pat your face dry. Do not rub the skin as this could irritate it.

The 4th step in your sensitive skin care routine is moisturizing.

It is essential to keep your skin well moisturized. This will strengthen it. The moisturizer will form a protective barrier against irritants.

Choose appropriate skin care products designed for your skin type. Check out this article on moisturizers.


Helen asks…

What is the best skin care to use for dry sensitive skin?

Looking for a new skin care range for dry sensitive skin, in the mid price range. I need a cleanser, toner and moistouriser. What could you reccommend? Please dont say clinique as i dont suit their skin care, and olay brings me out in a rash. Can you reccommend anything other than that? Cheers xxx

jennmill answers:

Try the nivia range. I have sensitive skin and i use the nivia for men range. Also if your hands are drying out and sore. Remember to wear rubber gloves when doing the washing up or any cleaning when you are using chemicals/products of some sort.

Joseph asks…

What are some good Skin Care Products for Sensitive Combination Skin/Breakouts?

I’m African American. I’m 16. And I have Combination Skin(Oily around Nose) right now, I have been using just soap and water. I have sensitive skin and breakouts under my jaw bone and around my cheeks. What are some good skin care products I can purchase at Target or Walmart? Something that’s not gonna dry my skin out. I need, Cleanser Bar, Toner and Moisturizer.

Thanks 🙂
Also, what are some good oil blotting sheets I can carry in my purse. (Oily Nose and other areas sometimes) and do I really need to use a Scrub Product like once a week?
Something to help even out my skin tone. It’s all Blotchy in some areas

jennmill answers:

Try Clinique products. You can get them from high end department stores such as Dilliards or Macy’s. They’re kind of expensive (it’ll probably cost about $60 to get the basics you need) but it is so worth it. There are professionals at the counter that can help you decide what to get and what strength you need the medicine in. They’ll also give you a full makeover so you can see the difference. Theire make-up is hypo-allergenic and it’s all I use on my sensitive face.

Lisa asks…

What are the best skin care products for sensitive skin?

I have sensitive skin, so some of the acne remedies on sale today are too harsh. Any recommendations for a gentle products that actually work?

jennmill answers:

Arbonne! If you dont like it you can get your money back!!

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