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Your Questions About Skin Care Treatment Center

Lisa asks…

What is the best female’s SPA and care center in Bahrain?

Including Massage, Tanning, Hair and Body Treatment and Skin Care.

jennmill answers:

Hi No NO
it would help

Daniel asks…

Bio SKin Care Centre – HELP?

I had large pores on both my cheek, i live in singapore. i heard that bio skin centre is good. As can be seen from all the adv on tv. It really seems to work. But i was trying to convict myself to go though. Anybody had tried it before ? The ice treatment on bio skin care centre?

How was the result? And how much it cost ?

jennmill answers:

Ive never heard of this b4, but GL if you decide to go thru with it!
Maybe this website can help you…


Ken asks…

Skin Care is it a good profession?

I would like to get courses in treating skin should I go for it and open up a skin treatment center?

Would that do well?? and what do you need for it ?

jennmill answers:

If it’s something that you are passionate about then go for it. Don’t let anyone discourage you when it comes to pursuing a dream. In addition – while there are still women and some vain men living in this world then you would have nothing to worry about. I have a friend who recently just came out with her own line of skin care products. She partnered with a Dermatologist. It wouldn’t hurt to seek the advice of one as they are a reliable source of information. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Please suggest me some skin care centers?

Hi friends,

I have dark spots and acne on my chin.I want to get rid of these problems and want to have clear skin.Please suggest me some ayurvedic centers or good skin care centers in Bangalore.Please suggest me what treatments i can take is facial can help me…

jennmill answers:

Kaya skin care

Sharon asks…

Singapore skin care centre comparision?

Which skin care centre is better? Bio skin, New york skin solution or jean yip?
In term of treatment and price which one do you think is more reasonable and effective?
I have acne, scars and red marks, which one will you recommend me to visit
How much will it cost for each treatment?
If you have experienced their service, please let me know =)

jennmill answers:

Visit a dermatologist, I have discovered that you acutally spend less seeing a doctor that prescribe the right medication for you than to try products that are only interested in the profits. The doctors do carry a range of skin care product too. But they prescribe something you need and not having you guess.

Try Tan and Teoh clinic along Serangoon road. It is a group of 4 female chinese doctors. Quiet good.

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